Why to choose Paradox cannabis seeds?

Paradox cannabis seeds are among the top feminized cannabis strains. Want to know why? Because they’re just awesome.

Nuka Seeds paradoxní kmen

Why to choose Paradox cannabis seeds over others?

Feminized cannabis strains have not been as popular as the automatics lately, but they are still loved by many for their qualities and the options you have to grow them. You may think that the Paradox cannabis variety is no different from other varieties, but the opposite is true. It’s a great choice for true party people and people who know how to have fun.

Great and stabile cannabis strain

Paradox grows great, once germinated you will have enough room for the seeds to settle into the soil medium, and then you can just watch the little seedling grow into a bigger and bigger plant. It’s quite hardy and will forgive you for a few missteps, but you should still try not to give it too much of a hard time. You can use any stress technique, both LST and HST. A combination of bending and trimming will certainly suffice. When fertilizing, keep to a strict ratio, you don’t want to burn the plant. In the end, you will have a plant that can withstand anything and grow like a wild one.

Maximum Yield

You will really get the maximum amount of quality ganja from this plant, which is guaranteed to get you going. The large amount of yield will be boosted by the fact that this is a pretty potent variety that will properly blow you away. If you don’t know what to do with this majestic amount, make sure to store your harvested cannabis carefully. We recommend a large jar with a rubber-lined lid. Store your marijuana in a dry place. You don’t want any mould to get in there.

Package content

In addition to the luxury variety, you can enjoy great packs, which are available in 5, 10 and 15 variants. In all packs you will of course find the seeds, but kept in a plastic bag and hidden in a metal keyring shaped like a bomb. Depending on the number of seeds, you will also receive a wooden label that you can use to mark each pot. The pack of ten takes the form of a box in which all the aforementioned items are tastefully housed. The bonus here is a collector coin with the Nukaseeds logo. In the pack of 15 seeds you also get a shredder with the Nukaseeds logo, the other items are already included.


The price might be a little higher for some, but when you consider that you are buying collector’s editions, it’s still not enough in the end. We have set the prices so that any mortal can afford them.

The result? A perfect, stable variety that will surprise you very pleasantly with gifts that you will make the most of and, above all, appreciate.

Paradox by Nukaseeds is still in our range, so come on in.

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