Megaton cannabis strain and why to choose it.

The Megaton cannabis strain is just awesome. Why is it better than other feminized cannabis models? We’ll shed some light on that right away.

Why is Megaton better than any other feminized cannabis strains?

Why would we label the Megaton cannabis variety as a better variant of feminized varieties? Why not? Basically, you could say that you won’t find a strain like this, which has great properties and whose packaging contains such things, anywhere else. And we’ll tell you why.

Basic description of Megaton cannabis strain

We’d probably start by saying that this is a classic femme. That might be described as mediocre, but it’s not. Megaton was created to give its future user the absolute best. Do you want a huge plant, full of vigour and great yields? You have it. Do you want its qualities to launch you into space? You got it. You want to boast a crop so large that it can make a huge amount of tinctures, oils, Phoenix Tears, and still have a little left over for your evening tea party? You got it. No one who has all five together could label this variety a failure and find a single flaw with it.

Unique Content

Megaton cannabis strainAside from the characteristics of this cannabis beast, there is one more important factor to consider, and that is the contents of the pack.

Megaton, like all of our cannabis strains, comes in three packaging options. The first one, the five, is kind of a lighter version of what comes after, but you still get a sticker, a bomb and a nice label. And then in the ten, you get a super fancy box with this beauty’s logo on it. Aside from the hole mentioned stuff, you’ll find a collectible coin in there that is peckish in its own right and not some cheap flea market junk. Then comes the highlight and that’s a pack of fifteen cannabis seeds. It’s got everything we’ve mentioned so far inside. The absolute bonus is then the golden shredder with the Nukaseeds logo. Again, this is great workmanship and most importantly you get a practical item that you will use really often in the future.

When you take all this and put it all in one package, you get a real gem. The Megaton is simply the perfect variety that will never let anyone down and anyone who says otherwise is a liar or just jealous.

So do you want to taste the power of Megaton? Then go for it.

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