Which European cannabis festivals can you visit in 2023 ?

In this article you will read about big cannabis festivals that will take place in 2023

Weed festivals are places to learn more about magical plant we all love, meet like-minded people, take part in interesting activities or simply relax in a friendly atmosphere.

List of cannabis festivals in Europe :

European cannabis festivals: what are the differences?

Essentially all 420 fairs are a combination of entertainment, education and shopping in varying proportions. Almost all are annual, but sometimes with a floating date or even venue. Although all festivals share the atmosphere of a day of playfulness and freedom, each event pursues its own goals. Some of them focus on music that reveals altered states of mind in the brightest of colours. Others provide an overview of all forms of entertainment, from films and yoga classes to plays and stand-up. There are seminars and workshops where the predominant agenda is educational. Finally, some of the cannabis-themed festivals bring people together in the fight for legalisation around the world.

Today, almost every European country has its own gem of a cannabis-culture festival. By attending special festivals and fairs you will get to know the whole industry better :

  • How to grow your own cannabis
  • What is the difference between popular cannabis varieties
  • How the laws are changing
  • News about the use of cannabis in various industries such as medicine, cosmetics, building materials, etc.
  • What are the results of the newest scientific researches
  • What records have been set in cannabis cultivation
  • New trends in all areas of cannabis

Description of the European Cannabis Festivals

One of the best cannabis festival in Europa Spannabis

Cannabis festivals in Spain

Spannabis is probably the biggest and most famous cannabis festival in Europe. Thanks to its nineteen years of experience, it has even become a reference fair worldwide. The Barcelona Cannabis Festival Spannabis brings together a huge number of producers, researchers and entrepreneurs associated with horticulture, floriculture, cultivation and cannabis products. It presents the hottest news.

Barcelona’s largest cannabis fair and world cannabis conference will take place in March at the modern Fira de Cornellá exhibition centre. Tickets for Spannabis cost around €20 for 1 day or €50 for all 3 days of the fair.

According to the Spanish anti-smoking law, smoking is prohibited in the exhibition area. Only adults over the age of 18 can attend the event.

Kannasur Sevilla logo

Kannasur in Seville, Spain, takes place every May. It’s an industrial and medical marijuana fair with cool cooking shows, impressive live reggae and rap performances and plenty of grow shops. The market opens up an interesting insight into processing, technology, growing equipment and scientific research.

Cannabis fairs in Italy and Greece

Older logo cann expo athens 2019

Not all festivals are aimed at tourists and ordinary consumers. For example, Cann-Expo in Athens, Greece, is an exceptional international B2B event aimed at popularising and scientifically researching medicinal cannabis. More than 500 decision makers, licensed producers, solution providers, medical experts and even ministries will attend with the aim of improving the medicinal cannabis ecosystem. At events like this, standards and legal frameworks for the use of medical marijuana are being established.

If you are going to Athens Cannabis Expo, you have a great opportunity to combine this trip with another important event taking place right next door in Italy. The Canapa Mundi in Roma industrial and medical marijuana fair in Naples, Italy. Here, exhibitors will present their visions for the use of cannabis in various sectors: agrarian, textile, medical, energy, recreational, bioconstruction. They are focusing on technological progress and the implementation of an ecological agenda in all areas of life.

Older logo 420 hemp fest Milano 2019

The two-day International Cannabis Expo 4.20 HempFest will be held from 1 – 2 April 2023, taking place annually in Milan, accompanied by music, product presentations, hemp food and educational program. The aim of the fair is to make the world of cannabis more understandable and less scary for the general public.

Cannafest in the Czech Republic, and festivals in Germany, Austria and Poland

Logo Cannafest 2022 Prague

The November Cannafest in Prague has been held for 14 years. It offers a wide range activities:

  • admiring and shopping for everything from smoking and vaping accessories
  • spend a great time in the reading room or smoking chillout zone, visit the cinema or cannabis-themed art exhibitions.
  • enjoy live entertainment on stage
  • taste the most delicious delicacies with the addition of cannabis.
  • Educate yourself at an expert conference on growing technologies,medical research,cosmetics, clothing and even how to grow your own marijuana.
  • A one-day ticket costs €8 in advance or €10 at the door. A full 3-day ticket for the entire festival costs €12 in advance or €16 on site. Cannafest will take place usually in November.
Kanaba fest logo 2022

In Poland, the Kanaba fest is worth a look. This festival is moving and every May it brings together exhibitors, partners and friends. The festival combines lifestyle, cooking and cannabis culture events with a market and workshops.

Cannabis fairs in Germany:

Mary Jane festival in berlin older logo 2020

Mary Jane Berlin, the largest cannabis fair in all of Germany, which is back after a 12-year hiatus. More than 100 exhibitors from all over the world will gather in the 5.5 km2 hall and outdoor area. The festival will offer an exhibition, a trade fair, lectures, food stalls, live concerts, medical innovations and the unexpected uses of cannabis in cosmetics and building materials.

Austrian Hemp Festival Cultiva

In October, the Cultiva Hanfmesse festival will give you a warm welcome in Austria. Numerous exhibitors, workshops, exclusive offers related to the cannabis plant will be diluted with live music and shows, pool parties and exotic cannabis cuisine.

UK, Danish and Dutch hemp festivals

You’ll love the Amsterdam Cannabis Expo in November – the perfect place to see the latest innovations and products from over 100 countries. All the salt of the show lies in the expert discussions and commentary. Also in the Netherlands, it is worth visiting Growlands – the hemp fair in Utrecht in the last week of summer.

Logo Product Earth Expo-Fest in England

A comprehensive look at the complete commercial ecosystem of hemp, marijuana and CBD is provided by Product Earth Expo-Fest in England. This unique event will wow its visitors in August at Stoneleigh Park. Be prepared to learn about some of the new varieties, derivatives and uses of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Europa logo

Last but not least, we have to mention Cannabis Europa. This event was first held in 2018 at London’s Barbican Centre and since then we have seen it in New York, Toronto, London and Paris.

It’s not a classic expo where you’ll see lots of seedbanks, grow shops and CBD products. It’s a set of very specific lectures on economics, politics, sociology, medicine and how cannabis actually fits into all of that and what impact it has. You can listen to many influential people and their opinion on cannabis in the world.

Worth mentioning: Cannabis Cup

Older Cannabis Cup 2018 festival poster

Although the High Times Cannabis Cup is now held outside of Europe, we couldn’t help but mention this legend in our list of important events. It was founded in 1988 and held in Amsterdam for 27 years until it moved to America. Now, the Cannabis Cup is represented as several themed events across several states with legalized marijuana status.

Is it safe to visit cannabis trade fairs in Europe?

Rest assured that every single cannabis-related festival, fair or exhibition is a massive and well-organised event. They are always carefully coordinated with the laws of the country in which they take place. There is no need to deprive yourself of this amazing experience! Visit the official website for up-to-date information, follow the rules of the specific festival, and enjoy all the amazing opportunities to get solid education, entertainment, good food, and access to tasting the latest and greatest marijuana strains.
So pick your festival, grab your friends, and load up in a unique atmosphere.

Our Nukaseeds team participated in the Cannafest festival in Prague and this year we are going there too. You can read more here.

Source : cannabisbcn.com

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