Training methods for autoflowering cannabis seeds

Growing autoflowering cannabis seeds is one thing, but then what? We’ll show you how to reliably train your cannabis plants for a great harvest.

How to train autoflowering cannabis seeds?

autoflowering cannabis seeds

The various methods of training cannabis plants are said to be beneficial in every way. These techniques are divided into invasive (heavy) and non-invasive (light). For the heavy ones, we rely more on methods such as trimming, fimming and the like. The light ones don’t really interfere with the physical structure of the cannabis plant, but still have many benefits that help the plant.

When growing autoflowering cannabis varieties we tend to rely on the lighter methods, so let’s take a look at them now.

What is LST?

cannabis plantIt should be borne in mind that the principle of LST is to keep the stress of the plant low. Unlike High Stress Training where we remove parts of the plant or prune them, LST is very easy for plants to manage. The plants recover quickly and we are not in danger of slowing down their growth as with HST. For this reason we think LST is suitable for everyone. You can strengthen the plant, increase the yield, expose the plant to more light and generally control the shape and size of the plant – all without much risk of damaging or slowing down the growth of the plant.

The simplest method is to bend the plant and its branches. You can see in the video that all you need is a tie wire. But there are plenty of tools to bend the plant – from plastic pegs to fishing weights. The only thing we don’t recommend is using string. It can end up “cutting” into the plant.

How does LST work?

cannabis plantsBy making it harder for the plant to grow in certain places, we trigger a backlash in the plant. The plant will concentrate on the stressed areas and strengthen them. It’s not that complicated. Strengthening the plant will not only make it more stable and attractive, but also more compact. If you have a weak plant, it’s hard to grow strong canes.

When you are limited by space or you would like to keep the plant without anyone knowing about it, there is nothing easier than using LST. You can customize the size and shape. It won’t mask the scent, but at least it won’t be peeking over the fence at anyone.

Another plus is the aforementioned “lighting” of the plant. If you put the branches apart and open up the plant with LST, your plant will get a lot more light, which means more yield as a result. Some argue that plant training is only suitable for indoor growing. But the benefits are clearly there for outdoor as well….

How to start with cannabis training method?

cannabis plantsThe ideal is to start from the “little” and from the stem. By pressing the stem lightly to the ground, you free up space for future horizontal growth. This will allow light to reach many more parts of the plant which will mean a higher yield when flowering. For ideal results you will probably want to do some light defoliation as well, but more on that another time. When it comes to shaping the plant, you need to bend the stems and branches outwards – away from the main stem. Most of you have probably figured this out, it’s not difficult, but if you have no experience with training, it’s a good idea to think through the steps ahead of time. In indoor growing, we try to make sure that no one branch is bigger than another so that light passes through the vast majority of branches equally. Sunlight passes through the plant much more easily and deeply, so there is no need to stick to this rule at all costs.

LST and autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Definitely! As long as you don’t break the plant, LST has no way to harm it. It’ll only make it stronger. Given its limited time, HST techniques like topping, fimming and defoliation will harm it. The plant takes a long time to recover and loses precious time during which it could have grown and developed.
The original automata probably wouldn’t have tolerated LST so well, but we’ve come a long way and the genetics are now significantly more stable and resilient.

LST is a great way to increase the yield of automatics – the plant gets stronger and you are able to expose it to light better. However, you need to have decided within 4 weeks if you are going to train the plant. After about 4 weeks, most autoflowering plants will switch to flower.

What to expect from LST?

  • A stronger plant
  • Higher yield
  • More compact canes
  • Better “lighting” of the plant
  • Control over the shape and size of the plant

You really gonna enjoy cultivation of this magnicifent cannabis. So let’s check it out.