Tokamak cannabis seeds by Nuka Seeds

Have you ever heard about Tokamak cannabis seeds? Well, you’d better fix that quick. This new addition to the autoflowering cannabis strain line is a blast.

Tokamak cannabis seeds – new autoflowering cannabis strain

Are you interested in growing quality cannabis that will not shy away from any problem, will grow vigorously and will surprise with its unprecedented strength and yield? Then the Tokamak cannabis variety is the only choice for you.

This model of autoflowering cannabis will delight many a cultivation enthusiast. Let’s take a look at it.


cannabis pistils on budsNukaseeds Tokamak automatic is a pure fusion of the finest high and massive harvest. This autoflower is a variation of Jack Herer cannabis, which is a sativa legend known the world over, especially for its excellent taste and unrivalled effect. From the beginning to the end of flowering, this autoflower needs to be only 8-9 weeks. During this short time Tokamak grows to a height of around one metre with a rich branching, full of massive canes with a low percentage of and a THC content of around 19%. relaxes and uplifts you, making it an excellent smoking experience recreational and creative activities. The flavour is mild spicy to herbal, reminiscent of pepper. Tokamak by Nukaseeds is a super auto-flowering model that will that will fill you with an otherworldly energy that will shoot you into the sun.

Methodology of germination and cultivation of this cannabis strain.

cannabis bud in detailSince Tokamak is an automatic, we recommend following the rules that apply to growing autoflowering varieties.

Germinating the seeds themselves is not particularly difficult if you know how to do it. There are already quite a number of different methods, but we prefer the standard form, which is germination on a paper towel or directly in water. You’ll see that it goes like clockwork, and in a few days there will be pretty little sprouts ready to settle into the soil medium.

The growing process is no different from its automatic brethren. As far as growing style and certain stress techniques are concerned, we recommend caution here. While you can trim the automatics, they are quite susceptible to this, so opt for non-invasive training methods such as bending. This is very popular and looks very good too.

But we’re not going to tell you what to do when you already know anyway. Want a quality machine that won’t let you down? Then it’s Tokamak. Then get it quick.

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