22/04/2022 seeds

Nukaseeds is participating in the Konopex cannabis fair in Ostrava – it’s going to be a blast!

Nukaseeds at Konopex 2022
Nukaseeds will kick things off today at the Konopex cannabis fair in Ostrava. Come and see it, it will be a blast.
12/04/2022 seeds

Great news! Nukaseeds is in Magazine Legalizace

Great news! Nukaseeds is in the legalizace magazine. In the first issue for 2022 you can read about us. Let’s get to it.
07/04/2022 seeds

Euforiaheadshop.sk is the first Nuka partner from Slovakia

euforia partner of nukaseeds
Euforia is a young and dynamic team that also strives to promote cannabis lifestyle.
04/04/2022 seeds

Guruseed.cz joins the Nuka family

new seedsshop guruseed.cz
Traditional and original cannabis seed collector’s shop
01/04/2022 seeds

Cannabis can improve our mindfulness

mindfulness and meditation
What is mindfulness and how to increase it with marijuana.
31/03/2022 seeds

Nukaseeds is heading to Kanaba Fest 2022 in Poland

logo kanbafest
The 3000 m2 plenum hosts audiovisual events, business meetings, conferences, workshops, fairs. It’s located in the heart of Gdansk shipyard, inside a building where the atmosphere of urban industrial hall permeates and merges with modern designer space.
28/03/2022 seeds

We are proud to introduce a new partner, welcome Kolabu.eu

Kolabu frontpage
Kolabu is a well-known seedshop in the cannabis market. Our marijuana seeds are now reaching other weed growers.
21/03/2022 seeds

Cannabis and the aeroponic growing method

cannabis plant roots in aeroponics system
Hydroponic cannabis growing systems are very well known and in today’s article we will introduce the aeroponics growing system in more detail.
17/03/2022 seeds

Recipe for milk from cannabis seeds

cannabis milk with leave nad seeds
Have you ever tried proper milk from cannabis seeds? It has great nutritional value for your body and its taste is delicious. Let’s try cannabis nutri milk.
07/03/2022 seeds

How to germinate marijuana seeds

how a marijuana plant grows from a seed
How to germinate cannabis seeds in soil, on a napkin and in water.
28/02/2022 seeds

Cannabis drying for beginners

dried cannabis on the ceiling
video instructions with step-by-step explanation of cannabis drying
25/02/2022 seeds

How to plant cannabis plants

The life cycle of cannabis plant
What you should know about planting cannabis plants
24/02/2022 seeds

Another eshop Konopneseminka.cz was added to the partners zone

Big logo of Konopne Seminka shop
Great big shop with cannabis seeds
23/02/2022 seeds

Cannabis tincture – preparation instructions

exposed cannabis tinctures
The production of cannabis tinctures are simple and can be done even in home conditions.
21/02/2022 seeds

Cannabis against autism

autism and thc, cbd
Study the effects of cannabis against autism
16/02/2022 seeds

When to germinate marijuana seeds for outdoor cultivation

nuka cannabis seeds
How to know when is the ideal time to start sprouting hemp seeds?
12/02/2022 seeds

Growing cannabis from seeds or clones?

seeds or clone?
You may use seeds or clones for growing cannabis. What is better for growers and marijuana users? Let’s look at some pros and cons.
04/02/2022 seeds

Nukaseeds has launched the sale of 3 piece cannabis seeds package

doypack for 3 pieces cannabis seeds seed bank Nukaseeds
We have created new packages with 3 cannabis seeds
03/02/2022 seeds

The wholesale company seeds-world.com has joined to Nuka family

seller nukaseeds seeds-world.com
Wholesaler Seeds-world.com has added Nuka Seeds products to their offer.
02/02/2022 seeds

Nuka cannabis strains are now listed on Seedfinder.eu

page seedfinder nukaseeds
If you’re looking for informations about cannabis strains, you can find most of them on SeedFinder
21/01/2022 seeds

Welcome to our partner section Cannaworld.cz

Welcome to our partner area Cannaworld.cz