24/03/2023 seeds

What is CBD ? A cannabis compound that won’t get you high.

This chemical derived from cannabis is not psychoactive and is considered a cure for many diseases.
21/03/2023 seeds

Male cannabis plants – what to do with them?

The first thing you’ve probably learned as a cannabis grower is how to identify and discard male cannabis plants to prevent them from ‘accidentally’ pollinating your precious female.
15/03/2023 seeds

Special offer on cannabis seeds from Nukaseeds

Nukaseeds background layer made of leaves
There is a special offer from Nukaseeds for the upcoming season. Bonus seeds for the same price. Let season of growing begin.
13/03/2023 seeds

Cannabis Ruderalis what is it ? Effects, Definition

Although Cannabis Ruderalis plants are ancient, their unique properties are influencing the cannabis world today more than ever before.
11/03/2023 seeds

Hemp roots? easy recipes you can try today!

Hemp roots have been shown to have immense medicinal value as well as a number of unique uses
10/03/2023 seeds

3 factors that affect phase switching of cannabis plant

3 factors that affect phase switching of cannabis plant?
The phase switching of cannabis depends on many factors. Let’s take a look at three general factors affecting the start of flowering and the overall cultivation time of cannabis.
08/03/2023 seeds

How much cannabis does one plant produce?

Every cannabis grower has two main goals. Obviously, they need to grow high quality plants. However, they also need to grow large plants in terms of weight.
26/02/2023 seeds

Sorethroat caused by smoking cannabis : how to treat and prevent it

Why does my throat burn after smoking cannabis? Let’s take a closer look and find out what the causes are and how to prevent it.
22/02/2023 seeds

Start growing cannabis ? Why should you start today?

There are many reasons to grow your own cannabis, now is the best time to give it a try!
14/02/2023 seeds

How to germinate cannabis seeds : instructions

The key to future growing success is to learn how to germinate cannabis seeds.
08/02/2023 seeds

5 Tips For Germinating Old Seeds

germination of old seeds
Got Old Seeds? Help Them Sprout With These Tips And Tricks
04/02/2023 seeds

Indica and Sativa – The differences between cannabis types

Indica and Sativa - The differences between cannabis types
Cannabis varieties are commonly broken up into three groups: hybrid, indica and sativa. Most consumers use these weed types to predict effects, but are they accurate?
13/01/2023 seeds

Baba Yaga Growreport

Baba Yaga logo
We have a growreport on the cannabis variety Baba Yaga. Do you like this novice grower’s work? It’s good for a first time growing an autoflower outdoors.
09/01/2023 seeds

Grow-report of Paradox grown in a greenhouse

grow-report Paradox cannabis plant flowers by Nuka Seeds
We bring you another grow-report from grower Scarab. This time we describe his cultivation of two Paradox plants in the greenhouse.
09/01/2023 seeds

Cannabis vs. asthma

Cannabis vs. asthma
Did you know that cannabinoids can help with asthma symptoms? In this article you will find much more information about how cannabis helps.
08/01/2023 seeds

Tokamak outdoor growreport from the customer

Take a look at the report of one of our starting straintesters, you can see lots of photos, fertilizer use and other educational stuff.
29/11/2022 seeds

How long does CBD oil last ?

chemical brand cbd and oil
Anyone who has bought CBD oil at home will have wondered how long it lasts and we will answer that question in today’s article.
23/11/2022 seeds

Black Friday at Nuka Seeds is coming!

Black Friday event at Nuka Seeds
Black Friday is only once a year. Don’t miss this unbeatable event at Nuka Seeds.
16/11/2022 seeds

Nukaseeds at Cannafest 2022

Cannafest in Prague with Nuka seeds
Our experiences from the Prague Cannabis Festival.
04/11/2022 seeds

Nuka Seeds is at Cannafest 2022

Logo Cannafest 2022 Prague
It is the definitive end of the outdoor season in Central Europe, which is traditionally associated with the Prague Cannafest. Nuka seeds is already there.
25/10/2022 seeds

Nukaseeds at Cannafest 2022!

Nukaseeds Stand
It’s here folks, Cannafest 2022 starts next week and you can bet Nukaseeds will be there. So come check it out, it’s gonna be a blast.