12/01/2022 Nukaseeds

Seedsclub has just become our partner, let’s welcome them nicely.

Welcome our new partner - seedsclub.cz - Nuka seed bank
We have add another seed shop into our partner zone – welcome Seedsclub.cz
12/01/2022 Nukaseeds

I just bought cannabis seeds from NUKA

I just bought cannabis seeds from NUKA-Meme video
Video meme I just bought cannabis seeds from nuka seeds, Enjoy 🙂
10/01/2022 Nukaseeds

What affects the hardness of cannabis buds and how to increase it

The cannabis buds: Tips for hard marihuana nuggets
There are a few factors affecting hardeness of your marijuana. If you want achieve hard buds, you have to choose a right strain and take care of plants healthy growth. Let´s look how to do it.
30/11/2021 Nukaseeds

Welcome to Nuka Seeds whale program

Nuka Seeds whale program - welcome our new partners
We welcome all seed shops, grow shops and wholesalers who want to become partners and cooperate with Nuka Seeds. Let’s do it!
12/11/2021 Nukaseeds

Nukaseeds at Cannafest 2021

Nukaseeds team has visited Cannafest 2021 and it was Epic!
Nukaseeds at Cannafest? You bet. This event was a big one and our seedbank couldn’t miss it. So check out what it looked like at the fair.
11/11/2021 Nukaseeds

Bajkujeme report from cannafest 2021 meets Nuka seeds

Interview with Nukaseeds members at Cannafest 2021
A guy from Bajkujem came to Nukaseeds stand. We had a pretty good chat and gave him an interview for his followers.
25/09/2021 Nukaseeds

Nukaseeds heading to Cannafest 2021

Nukaseeds and Cannafest - new seedbank is coming to Prague
Nukaseeds and Cannafest. The new seedbank is coming to Prague, Czech Republic. Are you ready for this event? Every cannabis fan is looking forward to this event for sure.
31/05/2021 Nukaseeds

Tokamak cannabis seeds by Nuka Seeds

Tokamak cannabis seeds - new autoflowering cannabis strain
Have you ever heard about Tokamak cannabis seeds? Well, you’d better fix that quick. This new addition to the autoflowering cannabis strain line is a blast.
31/05/2021 Nukaseeds

Tips for growing autoflowering cannabis plants

How to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds - Tokamak
How to grow autoflowering cannabis plants?
31/05/2021 Nukaseeds

What to know about autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds - information about growing
Are you new to autoflowering cannabis seeds? Here is some characteristics and advatages of those cannabis strains.
31/05/2021 Nukaseeds

Banshee cannabis seeds by Nuka Seeds

Banshee cannabis seeds - new autoflowering strain by Nukaseeds
Banshee cannabis seeds are a perfect autoflowering variety that will delight any grower. Want to know more? Check it out.
28/05/2021 Nukaseeds

Growing guide – Megaton cannabis seeds

Megaton cannabis seeds - how to grow feminized cannabis strain?
There are many feminised strains, but Megaton cannabis seeds are a must-have. This growing guide will point you in the right direction.
28/05/2021 Nukaseeds

How to germinate Cleopatra cannabis seeds?

Cleopatra cannabis seeds - germination and cultivation
Can you germinate marijuana seeds? In that case, Cleopatra cannabis seeds won’t be a problem, but we’d rather tell you what and how.
28/05/2021 Nukaseeds

Cleopatra cannabis seeds – CBD feminized strain

Cleopatra cannabis seeds - new CBD variety by Nukaseeds
Cleopatra Cannabis Seeds are among the top feminized CBD varieties. Experience the great properties of this variety for yourself and buy Cleopatra cannabis seeds