11/07/2023 Nuka seeds

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seeds: Your Guide to Quality Hemp Seeds from Nuka Seeds

smiling cannabis grower choosing hemp seeds
knowing how to choose the best cannabis seeds is paramount. The type of seed you select sets the foundation for the health and productivity of your plant, and ultimately, the quality of the yield
14/03/2022 Nuka seeds

Lets grow cannabis on the moon-Nuka Seeds flies to the moon (Artemis mission)

Nuka Seeds boarding pass to moon Artemis mission
After almost 50 year we will return to moons surface and Nuka Seeds will be there.
21/12/2021 Nuka seeds

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2022

marry christmas and happy new year
We wish you a Marry Christmas, a successful entry into the New Year, good health, happiness and personal, professional and gardening success in 2022
31/05/2021 Nuka seeds

Tips for growing autoflowering cannabis plants

autoflowering cannabis strain
How to grow autoflowering cannabis plants?
31/05/2021 Nuka seeds

What to know about autoflowering cannabis seeds?

germinating autoflowering cannabis seeds
Are you new to autoflowering cannabis seeds? Here is some characteristics and advatages of those cannabis strains.
31/05/2021 Nuka seeds

Banshee cannabis seeds by Nuka Seeds

growing report - Banshee cannabis strain
Banshee cannabis seeds are a perfect autoflowering variety that will delight any grower. Want to know more? Check it out.
28/05/2021 Nuka seeds

Growing guide – Megaton cannabis seeds

feminized cannabis strain
There are many feminised strains, but Megaton cannabis seeds are a must-have. This growing guide will point you in the right direction.
28/05/2021 Nuka seeds

Megaton cannabis strain and why to choose it

cannabis strain
The Megaton cannabis strain is simply amazing. What are the benefits of Megaton?
28/05/2021 Nuka seeds

Megaton cannabis seeds – brand new feminized strain

feminized cannabis strain
Megaton cannabis seeds are a great feminized variety that will delight any growing enthusiast.
28/05/2021 Nuka seeds

How to germinate Cleopatra cannabis seeds?

germinating cannabis plant
Can you germinate marijuana seeds? In that case, Cleopatra cannabis seeds won’t be a problem, but we’d rather tell you what and how.
28/05/2021 Nuka seeds

Cleopatra cannabis seeds – CBD feminized strain

Cleopatra cannabis seeds
Cleopatra Cannabis Seeds are among the top feminized CBD varieties. Experience the great properties of this variety for yourself and buy Cleopatra cannabis seeds