19/09/2023 cultivation

Neem Oil for Cannabis Cultivation

In this article, we will explore the various uses and benefits of neem oil during cannabis cultivation.
15/06/2023 cultivation

Composting for Cannabis Cultivation. Aging of Organic Material

Composting and Aging of Organic Material for Cannabis Cultivation
Check out our guide to composting and aging organic material for growing cannabis.
05/06/2023 cultivation

Effect of Frost on Cannabis Cultivation

Frost is a meteorological event where a layer of ice forms on surfaces due to a drop in temperature below freezing point (0°C or 32°F).
10/05/2023 cultivation

Greenhouse Cannabis: A Comprehensive Guide to Cultivation

Cannabis cultivation has evolved significantly over the years, with greenhouse cannabis production becoming an increasingly popular method
06/05/2023 cultivation

Vertical cannabis cultivation – why it can be better than regular growing techniques?

cannabis plants in shelves under the light
Have you ever tried Vertical cannabis cultivation method? It is really good and you might find it very useful. You should try it.
21/04/2023 cultivation

What causes poor PH and what is the optimal PH level at different stages of cultivation cannabis?

Optimal PH level at different stages of cannabis?
What causes poor PH in your cannabis plants and what is optimal PH level vary at different stages of cultivation?
28/03/2023 cultivation

Paradox cannabis outdoor growreport

Paradox cannabis seeds logo
We bring you a growreport from one of our growers. See what you can expect from the feminised Paradox cannabis variety in average outdoor conditions.
26/03/2023 cultivation

How to increase the trichomes production on cannabis

Maximize the production of trichomes on the cannabis plant to make your marijuana look beautiful and full of flavor.
12/03/2023 cultivation

Cannabis cultivation – reverse watering of potted plants

cannabis cultivation and watering regime
Cannabis cultivation needs a good watering schedule. Have you ever tried bottom watering method? You may find this method pretty good.
09/01/2023 cultivation

Grow-report of Paradox grown in a greenhouse

grow-report Paradox cannabis plant flowers by Nuka Seeds
We bring you another grow-report from grower Scarab. This time we describe his cultivation of two Paradox plants in the greenhouse.
28/11/2022 cultivation

How to set up soil for outdoor cannabis cultivation

soil and hoe
Are you planning to grow cannabis plants directly in the ground ? Then we have a guide on how to prepare the soil in your garden bed so that your cannabis plants have the best possible conditions to thrive.
09/08/2022 cultivation

Fluxing – pretty good-looking technique of cannabis cultivation

Fluxing is the way
Fluxing is pretty good-looking method of cannabis cultivation. If you like to grow and try new things, give this marijuana growing technique a chance
30/03/2022 cultivation

Natural insecticides and their uses

spray and marijuana plants
7 natural insecticides for your marijuana plants
04/03/2022 cultivation

Cannabis plants and mould – what types of mould do marijuana growers have to deal with?

the mould on a small cannabis plant
Mildew on your buds is one of the biggest problems when growing and harvesting cannabis. Until the marijuana isn´t dried and ready, you need to keep an eye out for mold or you could lose everything in a short time. If there is an infestation, you need to act quickly, so you need to be able to identify the mould immediately.
10/01/2022 cultivation

What affects the hardness of cannabis buds and how to increase it

cannabis nugets ultimate hard
There are a few factors affecting hardeness of your marijuana. If you want achieve hard buds, you have to choose a right strain and take care of plants healthy growth. Let´s look how to do it.
20/12/2021 cultivation

Series on pests that threaten cannabis plant – Whiteflies

whitefly on the cannabis plant
Whiteflies are very annoying pests that attack cannabis plants. Want to protect your precious seeds and weed? We’ll tell you how.
30/08/2021 cultivation

What are the ideal conditions for cannabis seedlings?

cannabis plant cultivation
What are the ideal conditions for cannabis seedlings? How to take care of seeds and what light is better for cannabis germination? Answer is right here.