14/02/2022 cannabis

Cannabis and Hepatitis C – can marijuana help treat this disease?

Cannabis and Hepatitis C - treatment for many pacients?
Cannabis and hepatitis C – can marijuana help patients with this disease? Let’s take a look at the statements of experts.
13/02/2022 cannabis

How to make hemp butter

Hemp butter - easy recipe with only three ingredients.
The preparation of cannabis butter is simple. However, you should expect it to take several hours to prepare.
11/02/2022 cannabis

Hydro system aquaponia

Hydro system aquaponia
Have you heard about the aquaponics hydro system? If not, you can read more about this variant of hydrophonic method. We hope you will like it.
09/02/2022 cannabis

Seeds-bank is the New Nukaseeds seller

seeds-bank large seed shop from the Czech Republic mariuhany seeds-bank
Traditional and original cannabis seed collector’s shop
08/02/2022 cannabis

Manual and machine trimming of cannabis, witch is better?

Manual and machine trimming of cannabis witch is better?
Anyone who has experience with growing cannabis has surely asked themselves if it is worth the work of trimming cannabis and in this article we will look at this issue.
04/02/2022 cannabis

Nukaseeds has launched the sale of 3 piece cannabis seeds package

Nukaseeds has launched the sale of 3 piece cannabis seeds
We have created new packages with 3 cannabis seeds
03/02/2022 cannabis

Let’s welcome our new partner – Cannado.org

Cannado.org - we have just listed another partner seed shop
Another seed shop has joined to the ranks of Nukaseeds partners. Welcome Cannado.org. Take a look what this cannabis shop offers.
03/02/2022 cannabis

The wholesale company seeds-world.com has joined to Nuka family

seeds-world.com cannabis seed seller turned Nuka partner
Wholesaler Seeds-world.com has added Nuka Seeds products to their offer.
02/02/2022 cannabis

Nuka cannabis strains are now listed on Seedfinder.eu

We have added among our partners- seedfinder.eu
If you’re looking for informations about cannabis strains, you can find most of them on SeedFinder
21/01/2022 cannabis

Welcome to our partner section Cannaworld.cz

cannaworld.cz now sells mariujana seeds from Nukaseeds
Welcome to our partner area Cannaworld.cz
21/01/2022 cannabis

Another shop! Semenacannabis.cz

Semenacannabis.cz This is a large seed shop from Nuka seeds.
Introducing the new seed shop. Welcome, Semenacannabis.cz
19/01/2022 cannabis

Welcome to a new partner – semenakonopi.cz

Semenakonopi.cz started selling cannabis seeds Nukaseeds
Nukaseeds added another seed shop. Semenakonopi.cz have the best marijuana seeds and are well known in the cannabis market.
13/01/2022 cannabis

Seedshop Smoketime has just became our partner.

New partner which sells marijuana seed from Nuka - Smoketime
We have added more seed headshop to our partner zone – Smoketime
13/01/2022 cannabis

Welcome to our partners – RuBaRu

RuBaRu has joined our ranks, hurray!
Introducing the new Seed Wholesale. Welcome, RuBaRu.biz
12/01/2022 cannabis

Seedsclub has just become our partner, let’s welcome them nicely.

Welcome our new partner - seedsclub.cz - Nuka seed bank
We have add another seed shop into our partner zone – welcome Seedsclub.cz
11/01/2022 cannabis

Another great seed shop from the Czech Republic has find its way to us Mojesemeno.cz

Mojesemeno.cz started selling cannabis seeds from nukaseeds
The store is focused on world-class cannabis seeds
11/01/2022 cannabis

Another great seed shop has joined our ranks, welcome Nejseeds.cz

Nukaseed weclomes another great seed shop - Nejseeds.cz
We have added another seed shop to our ranks. Welcome Nejseed.cz. We are looking forward to working with them.
10/01/2022 cannabis

What affects the hardness of cannabis buds and how to increase it

The cannabis buds: Tips for hard marihuana nuggets
There are a few factors affecting hardeness of your marijuana. If you want achieve hard buds, you have to choose a right strain and take care of plants healthy growth. Let´s look how to do it.
06/01/2022 cannabis

A series on the pests that threaten cannabis plants, Thrips

Cannabis plant - thrips are not good for your marijuana
You can find many pests on cannabis plants. Thrips are a thorn in the side of all cannabis growers. You shouldn’t underestimate them.
04/01/2022 cannabis

Cannabis consumption is key against covid-19 depression and quarantine boredom in the Netherlands

Cannabis consumption - best against covid 19 depression
Quarantine measures have a significant effect on increasing the amount of cannabis consumed. In the Netherlands, marijuana is used to combat depression caused by quarantine for covid-19.
30/12/2021 cannabis

Cannabis and Taliban – landrace varieties and a trade deal with an Australian pharmacy

Cannabis and Taliban - how good is weed from Afghanistan?
The future of cultivation of landrace cannabis varieties in afghanistan for international trade.