Sex and marijuana ? Experts say it helps women orgasm

Weed is the magic ingredient in a relationship that makes couples experience better arousal, intimacy and orgasms. A number of independent studies confirm the experience of marijuana users with its aphrodisiac effects.

Spanish cannabis study

Sex and marijuana
Sex and marijuana

Spanish Spanish study researchers conducted a questionnaire survey of 274 individuals to assess the association of marijuana and alcohol use with sexual experiences. The study found that people who consume marijuana rate their sexual experiences, i.e. arousal and orgasm, as better than people who consume only alcohol or no addictive substance.

Better sex after marijuana

Sex and marijuana
Sex and cannabis

In general, men and women who regularly use marijuana rate their sex lives better than those who do not. Marijuana users also describe a better state of arousal and better orgasms (but not more) than non-users.

However, the researchers are aware of certain limitations of the study that need to be taken into account. They state that, “The number of study participants is relatively small, so the findings should be interpreted with caution. In addition, the study relies on self-reported data from respondents, so the responses may not accurately reflect reality.” Also, the study only looked at short-term marijuana use, whereas researchers would be so interested in how marijuana affects young people’s sex lives in the long term.

What previous research says

Sex and marijuana
research cannabis

Regardless of the limitations of the Spanish study, its results seem to be in line with previous research on the subject and people’s general assumptions. There are even specific varieties of marijuana that are used to increase libido.

  • One previous study showed that 70% of people who use marijuana before sex experience greater pleasure.
  • Another study showed that men and women who used marijuana daily had 20% more sex in the 30 days preceding the study than people who did not use marijuana.
  • A third study found that for gay men, marijuana reduces anxiety before intercourse, leading to a more intimate experience.
  • And a fourth study claims marijuana helps women experience more intense orgasms.

How to use marijuana for better sex?

Sex and marijuana gif
Sex and marijuana

Despite the mounting evidence of marijuana’s beneficial effects on sex life, some individuals claim the exact opposite. Marijuana suppresses libido and erections. This is not surprising, as each person interacts with cannabinoids differently. It also depends on the variety and dosage.

Choose the right variety

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Nuka product

Sex and marijuana – Each variety has slightly different effects. Some will make you happy, creative or sexually arousedā€¦ Generally sativa (Paradox, Megatuna) works better than indica if you want to practice “stoned sex”. Don’t choose blends that make you sleepy or lazy or anxious.

Start with a small dose

Start with a small dose

Everyone reacts differently to marijuana, so don’t force yourself and your partner to use the same or large amounts of marijuana. Getting high is a gradual process, so don’t consume large amounts too quickly. Start with a smaller dose and possibly “feed” your condition later.

Use lots of lubricant

Sex and marijuana
Sex and marijuana

Sex and marijuana – We all know the “dryer” in our mouths after smoking marijuana. A glass of water will fix that. However, marijuana can also dry out other mucous membranes, so use a lubricant for both vaginal and anal intercourse. There are also lubricants with cannabis extracts šŸ™‚

I’d rather smoke than eat

Sex and marijuana
sex and marijuana

We do talk about consuming marijuana, but we are talking about smoking, not eating marijuana food. THC-containing food is unpredictable and you never know when you’re going to get high and when you’re going to get too much. Only go for it if you know the product well and can pitch it.

In our offer you will find both feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds as well as a special CBD variety of cannabis. All cannabis seeds from Nukaseeds are premium, fresh and of high quality, check out our varieties.

Whatever you do, be safe and have fun!

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