Nukaseeds and Cannafest – new seedbank is coming

Nukaseeds and Cannafest. The new seedbank is coming to Prague, Czech Republic. Are you ready for this event? Every cannabis fan is looking forward to this event for sure.

Nowadays, you can visit many festivals that are dedicated to cannabis, or this magical plant is an integral part of them. Cannabis is simply everywhere, as the public is not as sceptical about the plant as it used to be.

But let’s focus on the festivals themselves. There are quite a few in Europe every year, especially in Spain and the Netherlands. One European festival will be a little more interesting than the others. This is Cannafest, which takes place every year in Prague, in the Czech Republic. And why will this edition be more interesting? Because we, the new seedbank of Nukaseeds, will be there. It sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Nukaseeds and Cannafest The 11th edition of Cannafest hasn’t exactly been lucky in its execution. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the event has been postponed several times. The original date of October/November 2020 has been cancelled. The February 12-14 weekend of this year didn’t exactly work out twice either, thanks to the adverse situation. So the organizers decided to change the date again, so it is November 5-7 this year and the venue is PVA Expo Prague Letnany.

What can visitors look forward to? First and foremost, a place where every cannabis enthusiast will find something for themselves. You can see the latest cultivation technologies, the introduction of new fertilizers, smoking accessories, hemp cosmetics and clothing. There will also be plenty of refreshments in the form of cannabis drinks and treats.

But most importantly, the new seedbank Nukaseeds will be presented at this festival for the first time ever.

Why here and now?

Nukaseeds and CannafestThere is no better way to make a name for yourself than to throw yourself into the crowd and present our products in front of a live audience. Online promotions are great as you can plan them and send them out to potential clients gradually, but it’s a lengthy process and not always successful.

Since we officially launched the website and started selling, we couldn’t think of anything better than to attend the first festival to be held in Europe. And since it just happened to fall on November’s Cannafest, the decision was made.

This year’s Cannafest is going to be magical. The third date is sure to bear fruit as people are surely excited to come and see it. Plus, the Nukaseeds will be performing, which will thicken this atmosphere and make it the event of the year.

Meet Nuka team LIVE?

Nukaseeds and CannafestCome and meet us, we will have a Nuka tent there. You can chat with us and meet us all. We are eager to meet you all guys and lads.

You might not have thought you’d find us in such a large space. Don’t worry, we can’t be overlooked and cant miss us.

Here check out the cannafest web with all the info needed. We are looking forward to meetin and hangin out with ya all. Seeeee youuu there!

In the meantime, you can take a look at our cannabis seeds offer.

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