Feminized or autoflowering cannabis seeds? That is the question

Since the beginning of the cultivation age, growers have been divided into two camps, growers of autoflowering varieties and feminized cannabis varieties. Don’t worry, it’s not a rivalry or a war, but in short some prefer females and others prefer growing automatics. And the hardcore ones just grow everything.

It has long been debated which, if any, of these varieties are better. It’s not so much that any of these varieties are better, but each has its own characteristics.

Let’s explore them together.

1. Feminized cannabis seeds

very nice cannabis plantUntil a few years ago, it was common to grow cannabis from seed with a 50% chance that the resulting plant would be male. The problem is that only female plants have flowers that are rich in cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

Male plants produce seed pods and if they grow long enough, they pollinate all the female plants in the vicinity and dramatically reduce their yields. For this reason, it is important for growers to identify the sex of their plants early on to prevent possible pollination of their plants.

Then came the feminized cannabis seeds and in the 1990s the cannabis revolution took off. Feminized seeds are genetically engineered so that they almost always (99.9% of the time) produce a female plant. This has eliminated chance and made growing cannabis a much easier and more economical pastime.

Feminized seeds are often designed to grow into a light-flavored plant. A light-loving, or photoperiodic, cannabis plant will begin to flower depending on the number of hours of light and darkness in the day. If the cannabis plant grows wild, it often won’t start flowering until late summer when the days start to get shorter. Indoors, light-loving plants can be kept in the vegetative phase until the grower decides it’s time to flower and switches the number of hours of light.


2. Autoflowerinf cannabis seeds

growing cannabis strainAutoflowering varieties first appeared on the market at the turn of the millennium and were not very impressive at the time. They were not strong varieties, had poor flavour and also low yields.

But they have come a long way since then. Modern autoflowering cannabis strains can compete with (and in some cases surpass) light-flowering varieties in terms of vigour, yield and flavour. However, they still retain the unique characteristics we have already mentioned and remain hardy and stable varieties.

These days, autoflowers can satisfy even the most demanding users. Recreational users will have no problem finding a variety of autoflowering strains that are rich in THC, and holistic users can find low-THC, high-CBD autoflowering strains.

Compared to females, they have one major advantage – they do not need a given period of illumination to grow. So they are not dependent on the photoperiod, but on the age itself. As soon as they reach a certain age, they move into flowering and then they just mature.



So we have the basic information, now all that is left is the really “simple” matter of selection. You should always choose based on what you can afford to grow, where exactly you are going to do it, how much experience you have with growing and how much time you want to devote to it. The time you will have to sacrifice in any case depends only on how much it will be.

And which is better? It’s not really possible to say, In the interest of neutrality we’ll say that each option has pros and cons. You have to try all the options and then choose.

Nukaseeds offers you both and you can choose which of our cannabis varieties you would rather see in your garden.

Why is Megaton better than any other feminized cannabis strains?

Why would we label the Megaton cannabis variety as a better variant of feminized varieties? Why not? Basically, you could say that you won’t find a strain like this, which has great properties and whose packaging contains such things, anywhere else. And we’ll tell you why.

Basic description of Megaton cannabis strain

We’d probably start by saying that this is a classic femme. That might be described as mediocre, but it’s not. Megaton was created to give its future user the absolute best. Do you want a huge plant, full of vigour and great yields? You have it. Do you want its qualities to launch you into space? You got it. You want to boast a crop so large that it can make a huge amount of tinctures, oils, Phoenix Tears, and still have a little left over for your evening tea party? You got it. No one who has all five together could label this variety a failure and find a single flaw with it.

Unique Content

Megaton cannabis strainAside from the characteristics of this cannabis beast, there is one more important factor to consider, and that is the contents of the pack.

Megaton, like all of our cannabis strains, comes in three packaging options. The first one, the five, is kind of a lighter version of what comes after, but you still get a sticker, a bomb and a nice label. And then in the ten, you get a super fancy box with this beauty’s logo on it. Aside from the hole mentioned stuff, you’ll find a collectible coin in there that is peckish in its own right and not some cheap flea market junk. Then comes the highlight and that’s a pack of fifteen cannabis seeds. It’s got everything we’ve mentioned so far inside. The absolute bonus is then the golden shredder with the Nukaseeds logo. Again, this is great workmanship and most importantly you get a practical item that you will use really often in the future.

When you take all this and put it all in one package, you get a real gem. The Megaton is simply the perfect variety that will never let anyone down and anyone who says otherwise is a liar or just jealous.

So do you want to taste the power of Megaton? Then go for it.

Our customer’s feelings and experiences about Megaton cannabis strain

Megaton cannabis strain

We have another report on our cannabis strain. Megaton was purchased by a lady from Austria who unfortunately did not want to be named or mentioned by her nickname. However, she allowed us to share her report on the new varieties grown in our stable. Judge for yourself how you like her report.

“Greetings to everyone at Nukaseeds. Thank you so much for the beautiful box. I love all sorts of such crap and will certainly put it to good use. I love growing weed, even though I don’t smoke it, I just enjoy it and mostly I need material for my thesis :D.

My boyfriend bought me 15 of this variety. It may be a bit more seed, but it won’t go to waste.

I only let five seeds germinate on a napkin. I have the rest ready for the next part of my project. Anyway, they all germinated, which isn’t surprising since the bank prides itself on its reputation. After a few days of germination, there were little tails. Then I placed the seeds in a soil medium with a slight hint of compost, but only a liquid base.

I didn’t fertilize at all for the first two weeks, just watered regularly. I did a little tweaking and got a hybrid interval watering system that can both fertilize and water. A friend helped me a lot with that. After transplanting, I applied the first fertilizing cycle I have tried on other crops, but I think I overdid it a bit as the cannabis leaves turned a bit yellow. After adjusting the ratio, it was better and the plants did fine on their own.

I’m a believer in controlling growth through space, so I use HST, especially fimming and topping. They’re a bit invasive methods but I’ve always enjoyed them, especially it’s great to see the plant give it a go on its own.

After a couple of weeks I did a second and final repotting. I let the plants get less light so they would switch to bloom. I underestimated this a bit because I had smaller cannabis trees in the garden. Thank goodness we have tall, ornamental trees on the property line.

The plants has gotten incredibly big, and it’s gotten to me. The biggest one was 3.5 metres tall. Hats off to you.

I would write a few more sentences about the harvest, but somehow I can’t, as the harvest has not yet taken place, we are still growing and looking forward to the result.

Verdict – I like the overall approach of the bank. The packaging is gorgeous and they must have put a lot of work into it. The contents of the box are also great, but I find the bamboo labels the most practical. They are much nicer than the plastic slips. The coin and the shredder are gorgeous, the gold is just top notch and you can tell they are not aluminum junk from China.

I would give 10/10, but I have to give 9/10. The only thing that disappointed me was the wait for the package. I was told by customer support that the package had already left, but it didn’t arrive until almost two weeks later. I don’t know where the problem was, but I hope it was on the carrier’s side.

I would like to wish you well and look forward to hearing more from you.

P.S. I’ll send pictures of what I harvested later. Bye bye, Q.”

Megaton cannabis strain

Looks like Austria has a happy customer. Miss Q. hasn’t sent us pictures of the harvest yet, but we are pleased that she was amused by the contents of the package and that the growing turned out well.

If you want to get the same impression of growing cannabis, try Megaton like this lady, you won’t be disappointed.

Megaton, the great power house from Nuka seeds

Do you like feminized cannabis strains but don’t know what to try anymore? We have good news for you. Our Megaton cannabis strain is what you’ve been looking for and what will meet your expectations. It is a complete novelty in the world of feminized strains. So don’t hesitate to give it a try.

What makes Megaton so special?

cannabis plantMegaton cannabis seeds are excellent choice for anyone looking for a killer with a brutal yield. The feminized Megaton cannabis variety is offspring of the famous Haze and White Widow parents. This giant has extreme yield and potency. When done right. grown outdoors, it can produce buds covered with resin containing up to 21%THC and cangrow to a height of 4 metres and a width so enormous that you can’t hug the plant. If you’re interested in this monster and provide it with enough light, you will reap megatons of extra quality cannabis.

Megaton is a dominant cannabis variety sativa, but matures in the mid-range in mid-October, or 56-65 days indoors. The taste is delightfully sweet with hints of citrus and pine. The high that smoking this plant brings is a purely psychedelic experience. The states can be so narcotic that they quickly bring you powerful relief from pain, stress and muscle spasms. Feminized Megatuna seeds are an absolutely perfect choice for commercial growers, who have the space that this premium cannabis prefers both outdoors and indoors. Thanks to these impeccable properties, it’s also a good candidate for Phoenix Tears extraction.

Come get it!

This premium cannabis strain has everything a proper femme should have. It grows great, has a huge yield and can ground you solidly with its power. It’s just waiting for you, so come get it.

How to germinate Cleopatra cannabis strain?

With our Cleopatra variety, you will not have to choose any special germination procedures. It’s still a hemp seed and you just need to choose the right method.

Let’s talk some basic information about germination and the methods to choose for this activity.

Germination of cannabis seeds

how to germinate cannabis seedsLet’s start from scratch and say what germination actually is. A seed is formed on a fertilised plant and falls out of its cover as it matures. Seeds are usually very hardy and can survive frost and higher temperatures. However, seeds of thermophilic plants may not survive in such extreme conditions. Cannabis seeds should therefore not be stored in a freezer or exposed to excessively high temperatures.

The seed consists of the achenes, which is the dry sheath that protects the embryo of the future plant – the endosperm, the cotyledons and the stem cell. In order for the seed to come to life (germinate), the necessary conditions need to be created, which in this case are moisture and heat. In a moist and warm environment, the seed begins to absorb water, the pericarp bursts and the embryo emerges. A healthy seed has enough energy to germinate without the need for additional nutrients. Normally, therefore, the seed will germinate if you use ordinary water without fertiliser.

Several factors affect the germination of seeds. First and foremost is the age of the seeds. Seeds can wait their turn for quite a long time if they are stored well. In that case, they can last for several years. In nature, cannabis seeds usually wait 6-8 months to germinate. A seed can be said to be at its best within two years of its age, but it can be longer. As mentioned, the place of storage has a significant effect on the shelf life of the seeds. The ideal place to store seeds is in the refrigerator. The temperature is usually between 6 and 10 °C, it is dark and the humidity is relatively constant. Even in the fridge, the seeds should be stored in some kind of container (jar, box, special plastic case), which will ensure a constant humidity and prevent the seeds from drying out. The last important factor affecting germination is the method of germination itself. We will describe best practice in a moment.

Is it difficult to germinate Cleopatra cannabis seeds

It’s not. If you follow the following procedures exactly, you can’t go wrong.

What method should I choose?

Nowadays, there are already plenty of proven ways to let cannabis seeds germinate properly. We’ve chosen two guaranteed ones that will do the trick.

Germination of cannabis seeds on a paper napkin

germinating cannabis seedsEither we let them germinate directly in the growing medium (soil, rockwool, coconut, etc.) or we first let them germinate on germination paper/wool and only plant them after the germ has sprouted. When germinating in soil or coconut it is a good idea to use small paper pots. Once the plant has sprouted above the surface,
The procedure for germinating seeds on moistened cotton wool. First, soak the seeds in water for 12 hours, then move them to moistened cotton wool and cover them to keep them dark
they can also be planted in a growing pot, which will gradually decompose. Another option is Jiffy planting cylinders, which soak up the optimum amount of water, and their texture allows the seeds to germinate easily. This has the advantage of making it easier to control the moisture content of the growing medium.

If the growing medium is too wet, the seed could rot and not germinate. Seeds should be left in clean water at room temperature for about 12 hours before use. This will rid the seeds of the growth inhibitor which in nature prevents premature germination, for example in the event of light rain. By staying in the water longer, the seeds get a clear signal that it is indeed time to prepare. The seeds swell a little and germinate more quickly. It is quite possible that a sprout will emerge from the seed within 12 hours. After soaking, the seeds should be planted about 0.5 – 1 cm deep in a suitably moistened growing medium. The medium must not be completely wet or too dry. To know if the medium is too wet, make a finger indentation of about 1.5 cm in the medium – if water appears at the bottom of the indentation, the medium is too wet. Insufficiently moist growing medium either crumbles (in the case of clay and coconut) or tears (rockwool). To ensure optimum humidity, a plastic bag or food foil can be placed over the pots – the growing medium will not dry out quickly. The plant should emerge above ground within 2 – 3 days.

Germination of cannabis seeds in water

germinating cannabis seedsWe choose this method because we have an accurate overview of the development of the individual seeds, and we are sure that only germinated seeds are placed in the growing medium. As in the previous case, put the seeds in clean water for about 12 hours. After this time, move the seeds to a tray with moistened germination paper or cotton wool and place them somewhere dark or cover them. The moisture content of the cotton wool and paper should be such that water can be wrung out of the material by squeezing, but at the same time no puddles should form on the dish. If the sprouts are not already in the water, they will usually appear on the germination mat within 24 to 36 hours. The germinated seeds can then be planted in the growing medium. If you intend to grow in large growing containers, it is again worth planting the seeds in smaller pots first, and only when the plants have grown do you transplant them into large pots or a bed. The sprout that comes out of the seed is the root, so make sure it points downwards when planting. Even after germination, plant the seeds 0,5 – 1 cm deep.

How to germinate old seeds?

cannabis seedsSometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we are forced to use seeds that we know are more than two or three years old or we are not quite sure of their quality. To increase the likelihood of germination, we can use available germination aids. There are many different seedboost preperates on the market today that can bring even old seeds back to life. Germination can be promoted by steeping the seeds in chamomile tea or horsetail tea. To make the tea, take two tablespoons of the herbs and pour 2 dcl of boiling water over them. Leave the herbs to infuse in the water for 12 hours – then strain and you have a ready-made solution for soaking the seeds. Leave the seeds in this solution for 12 – 24 hours. For our purposes, a tea with Horsetail is better suited, as it contains silicon. Both herbs also promote disease resistance in young plants. When germinating older seeds and seeds of uncertain quality, it is always a good idea to use the germination procedure on germination paper or cotton wool.


Germinating cannabis seeds will not be a problem for you. Especially with a model like Cleopatra.

The main difference between CBD and THC cannabis strains

There are many active substances in the cannabis plant. But the most famous of them are THC and CBD. The first mentioned cannabinoid is mainly associated with the euphoric state that accompanies smoking cannabis. The latter cannabinoid is renowned for its therapeutic potential and is making its way across professional medicine.

Both substances affect the human body in some way. So what exactly do they do and which of these cannabis variables is more beneficial?

Let’s find out together.

Benefits of THC

cbd cannabis strain

  • Reduces the pain – THC provides pain relief, which is one of its leading benefits. Studies show that compounds in cannabis activate pathways in the central nervous system that block pain signals from being sent to the brain.
  • Relieves nausea and vomitingTHC – has been shown to help with nausea and vomiting. This is very much true for cancer patients undergoing physically demanding chemotherapy.
  • Brain cells protection – The craziness of the crazies has led many people to believe that consuming cannabis kills brain cells. The reality, however, is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. While most drugs are neurotoxic, THC is considered a neuroprotectant, meaning it actually protects brain cells from damage.
  • Promotes the brain growth – Believe it or not, the medical benefits of THC for the brain may be even greater than we thought. The psychoactive substance not only protects brain cells, but also stimulates brain growth. THC activates the “CB1 receptor” in our brain. This stimulation promotes a process known as long-term potentiation, which improves the brain’s ability to learn. Scientists have also found that, like CBD, THC causes brain cells in the hippocampus to grow. Therefore, small doses of cannabis can treat or even slow down diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  • Helps iwth PTSD – PTSD can include symptoms such as restlessness, severe anxiety, depression, insomnia, nightmares and social isolation – it can be a crippling condition. Yet THC has proven to be a highly effective treatment option for PTSD. Some psychiatrists claim that THC-rich cannabis is the only treatment for PTSD.
  • Muscle relaxant – Have you ever tried cannabis that made you feel sleepy or heavy? The culprit may be THC and some of the supplemental terpenes in certain cannabis strains. It is well known that this cannabinoid can have muscle relaxing properties.
  • Increases appetite – It will surprise no one that THC reliably increases appetite. In fact, THC can even improve the taste of food. With the right approach, THC’s hunger-inducing effects can dramatically improve quality of life.
  • THC is an anticonvulsant – In the world of epilepsy, CBD often gets all the credit. Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-oxidizing compared to THC, and the cannabinoid has successfully reduced seizure activity in clinical trials. However, many do not realize that THC also has anticonvulsant properties. Research on the anticonvulsant properties of THC has been more or less halted due to all the interest in CBD. Early research on cannabinoids, however, tells a different story.
  • Helps fight cancer – Cannabis has also attracted interest in cancer research. Research in the lab and in animal models has found that the herb kills cancer cells in several different ways. While multiple cannabinoids show anti-cancer potential, THC is one of the main contenders.

Benefits of CBD

growing cbd strain

  •  Helps with Epilepsy – The British Epilepsy Association collaborated with the researchers back in 2012. The published paper proved that CBD can be used as a therapy for different types of epilepsy in humans, as it has anticoagulant effects on partial and temporal lobe seizures in animal models.
  • Serves as a pain-killer – Medical cannabis is a great alternative to these literal pain “killers” because it can also relieve pain. This is thanks to the psychoactive THC found in cannabis. In 2015, a study proved thatCBD is a much more potent pain “killer”, likening its effectiveness to that of morphine. Surprisingly, it worked even better when combined with morphine, avoiding the unwanted side effects that usually come with morphine.
  • Fights cancer – Through preclinical studies, CBD has been shown to prevent the growth of colon, prostate, lung, and breast cancer, among others. CBD amplified the death rate of cancer cells and made it harder for them to progress.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – Inflammation is the body’s natural response to damage or disease. Inflammation causes many of its own problems, and CBD helps the immune system and nervous system coordinate to produce the healthiest possible inflammatory response to a given injury or infection. It has neuroprotective properties that can treat neurological diseases, and one of these properties allows it to reduce nerve inflammation by connecting to the endocannabinoid system.
  • helps with mood swings – A study conducted in 2013 showed that CBD can help patients forget memories that caused trauma (especially in people who suffer from PTSD). These results can be used to find ways CBD can be used to treat other mood disorders such as stress and anxiety.
  • Neuroprotective properties – The neuroprotective properties of CBD have been mentioned previously. Scientists have shown that CBD can prevent neuropathic diseases from affecting brain cells at the molecular level. With further studies, CBD can be used to treat diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Recreational use – CBD can not only be used to treat various diseases. It is also great for recreational cannabis users who face a lot of anxiety and stress in their daily lives. THC has a very noticeable effect, but CBD can help maintain its more passive attributes. They complement each other perfectly. CBD reduces the activity of the fear and anxiety center of the brain, so you could say that CBD reduces the paranoia that some people have with THC alone.

So. What is better? THC or CBD?

As you may have noticed, both cannabinoids have many properties that can be applied in everyday life and are a light for millions of people.

But which one is better? That’s not exactly easy to judge. They have many similar properties and contribute in many ways. In addition, THC is the active ingredient in Fenix Tears, which has almost miraculous properties.

In terms of legality, CBD is probably better off as it does not cause psychoactivity. THC, on the other hand, is very much truncated through legality. In many countries it is banned altogether, in some it is only allowed with a prescription, and in some states it is only for recreational use in permitted places.

In the end, we would probably agree that both substances are beneficial to humans and each contributes in some way. The choice is then purely up to the user.

Which do you prefer?

Check out Cleoptra cannabis strain. It is the thing you need and you won’t regret.


Cleopatra cannabis seeds – feel the healing touch

Are you tempted by the true healing power of nature? Then Cleopatra by Nukaseeds is the right choice for you. This new CBD cannabis strain will delight you with its simplicity, resistance and above all its high yield.

What is Cleopatra?

Cleopatra tshirt nuka seedsFeminized CBD variety Cleopatra by
Nuka Seeds is the queen of medicinal strains of cannabis. This is a great original skunk with a
dominant indication in the CBD variant, whose proportion of cannabinoids THC and CBD is 1:2.
Levels are 7% of THC and 14% of CBD. It grows to a height of two meters, which promises a very rich
harvest. NukaSeeds Cleopatra is a powerful cannabis plant that is not prone to diseases, pest damage or fungus and is therefore suitable for warm, colder and wetter environments. Due to its stress resistance and great potential, it is the best choice
for a beginner or less experienced grower looking for the perfect CBD variety.

What are the benefits of this cannabis strain?

Cleopatra has an advantage over cannabis varieties containing THC – it is not psychoactive. So the effects of CBD won’t give you the high we’re normally used to.

Besides, it offers a wide range of uses:

How do we use it?

cbd cannabis plantCleopatra by Nukaseeds can be used in several ways. The most common is smoking with pipes, joints and bongs. A classic that is gradually being replaced by vaping.

Vaporisation does not ignite the plant material but only heats it up. It is much better for the lungs and the fire does not destroy the important substances in cannabis (cannabinoids and terpenes).

CBD can be consumed in the form of oils. These have been doing quite well lately. You can adjust the dosage so you know exactly how much of the active ingredient you have taken.

Another popular way is CBD capsules. Here, consumption is easy and again, you know how much of the active ingredient you are getting into you.

Then there are edibles that contain a certain percentage of CBD. For example, CBD lemonade, tea, beer, coffee. There’s a lot of it. You can even get some CBD hemp foods.


The Cleopatra cannabis strain is right for those of you who want a quality CBD strain. So go for it.

Cleopatra cannabis seeds – growers report our new CBD strain

Cleopatra cannabis seeds box by nukaseedsThe user CannaCreep shared with us some interesting facts about growing our cannabis variety Cleopatra. With his permission, here is the full email we received from him.

“I bought a fifteen pack of Cleopatra. I like Egyptian and Greek mythology so this subject really appeals to me, I’m also a bit of a collector and love a good peacock. Unfortunately due to health reasons I switched to CBD, but I’m still happy.

I rate the box and its contents very positively. Great seeds and lovely gifts, I was looking at that. I was most impressed with the coins and labels, I’ve already cast them all in a line. So as a collector I would rate the contents very, very positively. Now to the seeds and the plant”.


“The germination excited me. At times only eight seeds caught and I thought those two were going to be a bust, but eventually they did and I had a 10/10 score. I used the standard cotton swab method. Within a few days I had nice sprouts and gradually transplanted them into the soil medium. I opted for a homemade super soil with low nutrients. I used perlite for aeration”.

Growing cycles

cbd cannabis plant“The course of growth was classic and did not surprise me in any way. I pruned practically from the beginning and used bending as a method of light stress. It went reasonably well. Since I was growing in the sun, the cannabis plants had ideal conditions for growth. It rained here and there, but I wouldn’t call it a failure.

I did have some pest problems at times and didn’t really pick up on it due to time constraints, but I was surprised at how much the plant could take and even the beetle infestation didn’t hurt it too much. I exterminated the nasty critters and pumped the plant full of nutrition to give it a bit of a boost.

After a couple of weeks, thanks to the nice weather and my manipulation, it switched over to flowering and then it was a cunning course. It basically doubled in size and was completely covered in cones. That’s what was happening with the others. Thank goodness for the big garden behind the house. Hiding 15 flowers is sometimes a problem, but thank goodness for ornamental plants that keep me out of sight of the property”.

Awesome Yield? No problem

“Within the next two months I had a small jungle in my garden :D. So everything had to be taken care of before anyone noticed the more invasive odor. I was thrilled with the size of the harvest, I was expecting a lot, but not really this. I preserved everything for future use. I’m going to make some salves, tinctures and I’ll try the oil, but I’ve never made that before. I’ll also make some tea out of it and see what else I can come up with.

Verdikt on cannabis seeds from Nukaseeds

growing cbd cannabis strain“Well, the verdict? Like if other banks had a similar approach to Nuka, there would be a severe mess in the market because you wouldn’t know what to buy. But that’s all they’re doing for now and I hope they don’t drop in quality in the future. So 10/10”.

One more note. I live in France and was told through the mystery support that it’s supposedly shipped from somewhere in the Czech Republic. Probably some sort of intermediate shipment. But I ordered the package on Monday and it arrived on Thursday morning. That’s really cool.

Anyway, thank you very much Nukaseeds for the extraordinary experience. I really like their approach and I’m impressed with the way they went. Keep it up guys”.


Not a bad opinion from an experienced grower, don’t you think? Looking forward to more reviews from other fans. For those of you who haven’t had a chance, check it out. The Cleopatra cannabis strain is the one for you.

Cleopatra CBD cannabis strain

Why to grow this magnificent CBD strain?

Why should you start growing Cleopatra by Nukaseeds? The answer is simple – because it’s just great.

Since it’s a CBD cannabis strain, you don’t have to worry about any high. CBD has no psychoactive effects. In addition, it also has many medical uses and carries with it many benefits that will only benefit you.

It is a very easy strain to grow and will not cause problems even for beginners.

In addition to all of this, the Cleopatra cannabis variety pack contains a number of gifts that are sure to delight you.

But let’s take a closer look at this beauty.

What is CBD?

cbd cannabis strainCBD stands for Cannabidiol and is the second most well-known cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant.

As already mentioned, THC is psychoactive and causes a known ‘high’ or ‘high’, whereas CBD does not have these effects. Although both substances are so-called phytocannabinoids (phyto-plant origin), each has a slightly different effect on the human body. THC primarily targets the cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1), which is mainly found in the central nervous system.

CBD moderates the effects of THC by acting on other receptors. In short, if a person feels uncomfortable and anxious or depressed after consuming cannabis, CBD should help them get back to normal.

Like other cannabinoids, cannabidiol is a trigger that binds to receptors in the human body to trigger certain reactions. Certain cannabinoid receptors are present in large numbers in the central nervous system, while others are found in what are known as peripheral organs of the human body. In addition, they are also found in the skin.

What is CBD good for?

how to grow cbd cannabis plantCannabidiol is capable of acting on multiple areas in the body at once. This makes it difficult to study CBD, as it is almost impossible to determine what effects these different interactions have together. Despite the lack of good clinical research (which is thankfully changing), many patients are turning to products with a high content of this cannabinoid (in addition to the aforementioned products, e-liquids are now available for purchase) to find relief from their physical or psychological suffering.

Below you will find a list of health conditions for which the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol shows the most promise:

Methods od CBD consumption

Cannabidiol can be taken (or injected) in the form of:

Each method differs in the onset of action and the time the substance takes to work. Discretion is not to be overlooked; you can probably get away with swallowing a CBD capsule during a work meeting – unlike vaping.

Dosage for internal use is highly individual. Your state of health, genetic predispositions, the medication you are taking and your current state of mind, for example, all play a role. In addition, it depends on your weight and whether you are taking products with cannabidiol alone or with other cannabinoids (THC, CBC, CBG and others). If you take more than one cannabinoid together, the therapeutic effect is much stronger than if you take them individually

Why to choose Cleopatra from Nuka Seeds?

cbd cannabis strainCleopatra cannabis strain from Nukaseeds will meet all your expectations if you are looking for a quality CBD cannabis strain. It is easy to grow and the plant is also quite resistant to environmental influences.

The harvest itself will literally take your breath away as there will be plenty of it.

I don’t need to mention the gifts with each pack, they are a must-have.

So don’t hesitate and put the Cleopatra cannabis seeds in your basket, the queen is waiting for you.