Marijuana effect: 5 elementary questions and answers

The marijuana effect is a mystery to many people, they are afraid of it and don’t know how to keep marijuana fresh. Here are 5 basic questions and brief answers

1.How will marijuana affect me?

How will marijuana affect me?

Cannabis affects everyone differently. Different cannabis varieties and methods of use have different effects on users. And new users usually feel different effects than experienced users. There are people who feel nothing at all the first time they try cannabis. Many people who use cannabis find the experience relaxing and a little euphoric. Some become more sociable and outgoing as a result. Others report that it makes them tired, anxious or paranoid. If you’re not sure how cannabis will affect you, it’s best to start with a low dose. And ask others for recommendations on marijuana varieties, products and dosages to start with.

2.What is the difference between recreational and medical marijuana?

The main difference between medical and recreational cannabis is how it is regulated and how you can access it. Medical cannabis requires a doctor’s recommendation for a qualifying condition before you can access, purchase or consume cannabis and cannabis products. Recreational cannabis use, on the other hand, requires you to have buy it or grow it. But there are also people who distinguish between medical and recreational cannabis, depending on how they use cannabis. Recreational users want to experience new states of consciousness, and connoisseurs seek different effects for different situations and moods. On the other hand, medical users are looking for cannabis varieties that help with a specific ailment or condition. Often, patients look for marijuana varieties that relieve their symptoms but only provide a mild psychoactive experience that allows them to remain productive and active.

3.How long does it take for the effects of marijuana in the form of edibles to kick in?

Cookie, brownie and cannabis bud

How long it takes for a food to take effect depends greatly on your metabolism. Some people with a faster metabolism feel the effect after about an hour, while people with a slower metabolism may not feel anything for two hours or more. The effect generally peaks up to four hours after eating or drinking cannabis, so it is best to wait at least that long before consuming more. In most countries, 10 mg is considered a dose – which may be just right for some, but others may need much more to feel the same effect. Take your time to find out what is right for you, and always look at the label for dosage and recommended serving size.

4.What is the best way to store flowers to preserve the marijuana effect ?

marijuana effect - marijuana storage

Cannabis is best stored in a cool, dark place away from direct light. Keep it in a container, e.g. a glass jar, so that it is exposed to the air as little as possible. A relative humidity of less than 65% helps to prevent mould and rot. And even if it is not necessary, it is always a good idea to separate the varieties to preserve their individual flavour profiles.

5.Can marijuana effect hurt me? Is an overdose fatal?

In the short term, marijuana use cannot harm you. There has not been a single case in human history of a direct link between marijuana overdose and death. There is speculation that the potent marijuana effect may be a trigger for some mental disorders (most commonly schizophrenia), but this only applies to people with a genetic predisposition to these illnesses, who are likely to be triggered by a variety of possible stimuli. In the long term, frequent cannabis use can lead to short-term memory impairment and, if smoked, lung damage (but not lung cancer). Long-term use of marijuana can also cause the absence of dreams (even nightmares) in some people.

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