Invest in NukaSeeds

Seed investment goal

To achieve the initial market share, expansion, optimization of production and costs, we have calculated that an investment of 200k euros will be needed ✔️ (seed investment completed)

For this amount we are looking for several partners, ideally in the industry.

In the framework of the whole investment seed round, we offer a 25% stake in Nukaseeds combined for the investment goal.

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Roadmap and Future Vision

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near one.”

– J.R.R. Tolkien

Back to the future

Main Focus

Make Great products

We will try to squeeze out the best products

Gain our piece of market share pie

Establish ourselfs on the market

Enter more markets

Get our products to more customers around the world

Get listed, go public

To become a publicly traded company


  • cost optimisation ✔️
  • expanding the product portfolio to at least double the size ✔️
  • establishing partnerships with business partners in Europe ✔️
  • establishing partnerships with business partners in the USA
  • make presence at various cannabis festival and fairs ✔️
  • expanding the team with talented and motivated members ✔️
  • marketing and branding activities
  • launch of an affiliate system ✔️
  • launch of a dropshipping system
  • website translation and support in German, Polish, Spanish, Czech, French ✔️


  • CBD flowers portfolio expansion
  • CBD oils portfolio expansion
  • further cannabis seeds portfolio expansion
  • further brand marketing
  • issuance of shares in the mode - this is how you don't need a broker
  • own cryptocurrency backed by company shares
  • second round of investment
  • expansion into other countries south america, asian markets


  • nobody should make plans for so long, we are flexible, will see what happens!

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