How to grow your own cannabis mother plant?

Do you know what is cannabis mother plant? Have you ever considered to grow your own plant from cannabis seeds? We will tell you how.

What is cannabis mother plant

cannabis mother plantCannabis plants come from two sources: either you buy the desired seeds or you make clones. Maternal plants are central to the latter variant – from which clones are formed. Well selected mother plants is highly valued. Their clones are genetic copies that are regularly cut off and planted.

The mother plant is in the vegetative stage for all life. At this stage you can cut clones regularly but not too often. It is recommended to take clones no more than once a month so that the mother plant is not too stressed, which is especially true for young mothers.

Why is good to have your own cannabis mother plant?

Do you want to have your own mother plant?The mother plant will give you 100% genetic consistency, so her clones will have the same taste, aroma, effects and terpene profile. In addition, all clones will grow at a similar, if not the same pace, with the same quality crops and appearance. There is also a guarantee that the clones from a female motherplant will be females. It is the best way for growing marijuana via SoG or Scrog methods.

Growing a mother plant can also save time and some money. You won’t have to buy new seeds.

Selection of the mother plant

Since clones are genetically identical to their mothers, it is extremely important that the cannabis mother plant is of highest possibly quality because every cannabis plant from a seed is unique.

How to select the best cannabis mother plant:

ganja mother plant nukaseeds

1. Buy seeds of the best possible strain from which to select.

2. After aprox two months of growing, take some clones instead of topping from each your plants which are intended to becomes a mothers.

3. Label your clones so you know which mother plants they are from and grow them as standard. Let the mothers continue to grow in vegetation.

4. During cultivation, gradually remove the weakest plants from the clones, including their mothers. Before the harvest remove really weak plants only. Skip this step if you are selecting from a small number of mothers

hemp clone cutting nukaseeds

5.Record characteristics and take photo of each clone until the harvest.

6. Compare the taste, aroma, strength and characteristics of the high.

7. Evaluate which characteristics are most important to you and choose one or more future mother plants based on that.

8. Once you have a winner, remove the rest.
Congratulations, you just made your selection of cannabis mother plants.

How to preserve cannabis mother plant?

your own cannabis mother plant

Once you choose a mother plant, you have to create the perfect nutritional regimen. She has to stay healthy throughout her existence and handle stress well because you’re cutting off parts of her.

You can grow the mother for clones for several years. It’s been reported as long as 10 years, but that’s extreme. Even most experienced growers are unable to avoid additional stress over such long periods of time. Hermaphroditism is then a frequent consequence and in such a case the cannabis motherplant is useless. The ideal time for mother replacement is between 2-4 years. We do not advice to start with mother plants to newbie growers, because it is one of the royal disciplines of growing.

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