Growing autoflowering cannabis strains in a small space

Do you know how to grow autoflowering cannabis strains? If not, don’t despair. we’ll give you some useful tips on how to grow these cannabis seeds

banshee cannabis strain

Do you enjoy growing but don’t have a large space or plot of land? Don’t despair. Large spaces really aren’t as important as they first appear. Cannabis plants can adapt to the many conditions in which they grow. With the right nutrition, they will thrive unusually well. Growing in a smaller space can even be advantageous. It’s discreet, it won’t bother your neighbours with excessive noise. In short, attention is avoided perfectly. However, small spaces do not necessarily mean small crops. So let’s take a look at how to do it.


Your space can be as small as an outdoor folding greenhouse, which can also be on a balcony, or as large as a barn. However, they certainly have characteristics in common:

  • Adequate growing space – the bigger the plant, the bigger the harvest. In most cases, cannabis tends to grow in height, so something reasonably tall will come in handy.
  • Cleanliness – you don’t want to start your botanical art in a dusty closet or room somewhere. So cleanliness is key. Plants also need to have plenty of water.
  • Ventilation – cannabis also needs fresh air. It will be healthier to look at and to touch. You can correct the environment with air conditioning or heating. This will provide a slightly better environment.

A lot of people use grow tents where you can grow a handful of plants. They vary in size, but they don’t take up that much space. Even such spaces can have all the conditions for the art of growing.


cannabis growingOne of the biggest concerns when it comes to small spaces is the light source. These fluorescent lights give off a lot of heat, so they should be a safe distance from your plants. Otherwise, the leaves or buds may be burned. So, if possible, keep your plants a little further away from the light, you can try cutting and trimming them to make the lighting as effective as possible.

For users of small spaces, LED bulbs could offer some advantages. Full spectrum light for minimal heat is a good help. With these bulbs you don’t have to worry so much about burning, but the risk is still there, but not as great as with conventional lamps.

Using the right light, or rather working well with the light, results in a better harvest.


In time, you can use the so-called coaching. This can quite easily raise the harvest to a slightly better level. These techniques include:

  • Scroging
  • Less stressful training
  • More stressful training

cannabis growing It is a very advanced technique where you can get the most out of the minimum. It involves the use of what is called “green screen” (mesh or netting) which is placed outside your plants.

Once the cannabis plants grow to a certain height, they will start to tangle and branch into this net and the amount of flowers will increase, while at the same time more light will hit the different parts of the plants.

Everything underneath this green net will be cut through. It’s logical, because you need the energy from the light and water at the top. So the lower branches and leaves, in fact everything that doesn’t get light, simply cut off.

Less stressful training involves a non-invasive form where you don’t trim the plant. You just direct it where it should grow by bending and tying it lightly. This makes it easier to form new shoots.

More stress training is an aggressive method. Trimming, cutting and snipping the plant plays a big role here. It is recommended for more experienced growers, but this method also bears fruit.


cannabis plant with big budsThe right soil must be a sanctuary for your roots, because they are the ones that send water and nutrients to your plant. Especially for small spaces, the perfect soil mix is important.

You can either use a pre-made mix or you can play around a bit and try your hand at making your own. These substrates have plenty of the necessary nutrients and can reliably hold water for a long time, so you don’t need to water as often.

Make sure you have plenty of soil, or rather a large enough pot. If the plant is too big and there is not enough soil, the roots will start to tangle together and won’t have as much room to receive nutrition later on. But if you control everything, and choose larger soil media as the plant grows, nothing can go wrong.

Our cannabis variety Banshee will surely excite you. So there is nothing to wait for.


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