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07/04/2022 Partners is the first Nuka partner from Slovakia

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Euforia is a young and dynamic team that also strives to promote cannabis lifestyle.
04/04/2022 Partners joins the Nuka family

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Traditional and original cannabis seed collector’s shop
31/03/2022 Community

Nukaseeds is heading to Kanaba Fest 2022 in Poland

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The 3000 m2 plenum hosts audiovisual events, business meetings, conferences, workshops, fairs. It’s located in the heart of Gdansk shipyard, inside a building where the atmosphere of urban industrial hall permeates and merges with modern designer space.
21/12/2021 News

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2022

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We wish you a Marry Christmas, a successful entry into the New Year, good health, happiness and personal, professional and gardening success in 2022
13/12/2021 Whales


In this video we show you how to assemble a collector’s box for ten and fifteen packages of cannabis seeds Here we put together a collector’s package for ten marijuana seeds And in this way we put together a package in which you will find fifteen Nukaseeds cannabis seeds You put a package of five cannabis seeds together like this
30/11/2021 Whales

Welcome to Nuka Seeds whale program

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We welcome all seed shops, grow shops and wholesalers who want to become partners and cooperate with Nuka Seeds. Let’s do it!
12/11/2021 Community

Nukaseeds at Cannafest 2021

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Nukaseeds at Cannafest? You bet. This event was a big one and our seedbank couldn’t miss it. So check out what it looked like at the fair.