04/10/2021 News

cannabis and antibiotics – can we use them both?

cannabis and antibiotics
Can marijuana use during antibiotic treatment harm or help us ?
25/09/2021 News

Nukaseeds heading to Cannafest 2021

Nukaseeds and Cannafest 2021
Nukaseeds and Cannafest. The new seedbank is coming to Prague, Czech Republic. Are you ready for this event? Every cannabis fan is looking forward to this event for sure.
21/09/2021 News

Cannabis and nausea – how can marijuana help?

cannabis and nausea
Cannabis as a treatment for nausea can improve the quality of life of people undergoing chemotherapy and pregnant mothers.
17/09/2021 News

Medical cannabis in the Czech Republic

Hemp czech republic
Medical cannabis has the green light in the Czech Republic. What will the change in the law on cannabis bring ?
13/09/2021 News

IQ and cannabis – is there any connection?

IQ cannabis
There is a connection between IQ and cannabis. But what exactly happens in the human brain when it uses marijuana? Let’s try to find the answer.
05/09/2021 News

Cannabis and Crohn’s disease

cannabis and Crohn's disease nuka seeds cleopatra cbd
Cannabis and Crohn’s disease? Can marijuana use help against this serious disease?
02/09/2021 News

Cannabis and longer life – truth or false?

cannabis and longer life smoke nuka seeds ganjagirl
Cannabis and longer life? Is it just a myth among marijuana users and growers? Let’s find out.
01/09/2021 News

Cannabis and the immune system – helpful or not?

cannabis and the immune system nuka seeds
Cannabis and the immune system can work together. So can cannabinoids like THC and CBD help us or not?
30/08/2021 News

What are the ideal conditions for cannabis seedlings?

cannabis plant cultivation
What are the ideal conditions for cannabis seedlings? How to take care of seeds and what light is better for cannabis germination? Answer is right here.
27/08/2021 News

Effects of cannabis – what can happen to you while using cannabis?

effects of cannabis ganjagirl smile nuka seeds
The effects of cannabis are varied. What happens to us when we consume marijuana and what are the conditions? Check it out.
25/08/2021 News

Tips for growing autoflowering cannabis strains

Unripen cannabis autoflower plants.
Do you know how to grow autoflowering cannabis strains? If not, we have couple of tips for you.
23/08/2021 News

How to grow your own cannabis mother plant?

Nice Ganja fan leafs
Do you know what is cannabis mother plant? Have you ever considered to grow your own plant from cannabis seeds? We will tell you how.
18/08/2021 News

Cutting and pruning autoflowering cannabis strains

cutting trimming ganja cannabis plant
Do you know how to cut an autoflowering cannabis strain? And can we even do it?
11/08/2021 News

How to germinate cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds germinating
Want to know how to germinate cannabis seeds? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide you will find tips for germinating seeds.
19/07/2021 News

Zasadto.cz we are most excited to work with you

We are excited to introduce you our new partner, Zasadto.cz
19/07/2021 News

Hurraay and welcome ProdejnaSemen.cz

We have another partner here. Welcome, prodejnasemen.cz
Prodejna semen a new partner of Nuka Seeds
19/07/2021 News

We welcome a new seedshop Ganjaseeds.cz

We have good news, another partner is on board, welcome Ganjaseeds.cz.
19/07/2021 News

Welcome Growmart.cz

We welcome Growmart.cz to our family of partners.
31/05/2021 News

Why to choose an autoflowering cannabis strain?

autoflowering marihuana strain
Why should you choose a autoflowering cannabis strain? We have some information to help you decide what cannabis seeds to choose.
31/05/2021 News

Tokamak cannabis seeds by Nuka Seeds

autoflowering cannabis strain
Have you ever heard about Tokamak cannabis seeds? Well, you’d better fix that quick. This new addition to the autoflowering cannabis strain line is a blast.
31/05/2021 News

Tips for growing autoflowering cannabis plants

autoflowering cannabis strain
How to grow autoflowering cannabis plants?