28/05/2021 Guides

What can stress cannabis plants?

Cannabis plant - what causes stress and how protect your plants
There are many situations that can put your cannabis plant under stress. So what are the causes and how can you protect your cannabis seeds and seedlings?
28/05/2021 Guides

How do we know our cannabis plant is ready for harvest?

Harvesting cannabis plant - what to know and how to do it?
Are you about to harvest your cannabis plant? Congratulations, well done. But do you know how to do it and how do you know if your plant is ready?
28/05/2021 Guides

Outdoor cannabis cultivation

Outdoor cannabis cultivation - from a seed to a plant
Everybody loves outdoor cannabis cultivation. It’s like blending in with nature. If you follow the instructions, you’ll grow every cannabis strain. Go for it.
28/05/2021 Guides

Should we cut autoflowering cannabis plants or not?

Autoflowering cannabis plant - cutting, trimming and pruning
Can we trim autoflowering cannabis plants or not? Many growers wonder about this.
28/05/2021 Guides

What training methods we can use for Paradox cannabis seeds?

Paradox cannabis seeds - training method for feminized strain
We have many methods to successfully train cannabis plants. Which of these will be suitable for Paradox cannabis seeds? It takes something special for this feminized strain.
28/05/2021 Guides

Paradox cannabis seeds – new feminized strain by Nukaseeds

Paradox cannabis seeds - new feminized strain for growing
There is a new player among feminized cannabis strains. The Paradox cannabis seeds will amaze you with their power to kick you in an unseen way.
28/05/2021 Guides

Growing guide – Megaton cannabis seeds

Megaton cannabis seeds - how to grow feminized cannabis strain?
There are many feminised strains, but Megaton cannabis seeds are a must-have. This growing guide will point you in the right direction.
28/05/2021 Guides

Megaton cannabis strain and why to choose it

Megaton cannabis strain - best seeds for outdoor growing?
The Megaton cannabis strain is simply amazing. What are the benefits of Megatun?
28/05/2021 Guides

How to germinate Cleopatra cannabis seeds?

Cleopatra cannabis seeds - germination and cultivation
Can you germinate marijuana seeds? In that case, Cleopatra cannabis seeds won’t be a problem, but we’d rather tell you what and how.