Baba Yaga Cannabis seeds

Flowering time is about 10 weeks

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Babayaga cannabis seeds from Nukaseeds

Babayaga cannabis seeds are an autoflowering variety, orientated primarily towards yield and potency.

This cannabis hybrid with a smaller indica predominance is capable of producing up to 150 grams per plant outdoors or 0.9g per watt indoors due to its longer flowering phase. Growing Babayaga from seeds is very easy, indoors, outdoors and greenhouses as well. Babayaga cannabis plants are vigorous and branch well.

The flowering phase lasts 10 weeks, so in most cases it is ready to harvest by the middle of the fourth month after seed germination. Babayaga plants ignores the sporadic stresses of cannabis cultivation and reliably produces massive buds, so don't be afraid to take a new cannabis growing techniques.

The aroma of this automatic witch is citrusy, but the taste is reminiscent of a heady potion with hints of fruit. The effect of Babayaga marijuana is grounding at first, but after a while, it spills over into a relaxing phase that gradually subsides, leaving your body magically refreshed.

This is why it is suitable cannabis medicine for dealing with physical stress, or after injury or sports recovery.

Baba Yaga cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a great yield and a pleasant relaxing experience. Baba Yaga is an autoflowering cannabis strain with a great yield and great potency.

This hybrid comes from the legendary Diesel and there is a slight predominance of indica. Growing the Baba Yaga strain is relatively easy and you will end up with a high quality ganja with up to 19% THC.

The height of this plant is 100-150 cm, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

The yield is around 130g dry weight. After about 65 days of growing, you will have a great load of quality cannabis that will ground you a bit at first, but then a great relaxation phase will arrive.

THC 19%
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