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Cannabis seeds


Automaton is the ultimate indica-dominated machine.It boasts a sweet taste, great resistance and compact flowers with a purple hint

The effect is relaxing, euphoric and ideal for relieving stress

Flowering time is 55-56 days

Growing Automaton cannabis seeds is relatively easy


Cannabis seeds

Baba Yaga

Babayaga is a stunning indica-dominant hybrid. It is characterised by a sweet flavour with high resistance and beautiful flowers

The effect is sedative with a quick transition to relaxation

Flowering time is 56-60 days

Growing BabaYaga cannabis is suitable for beginners


Cannabis seeds


The excellent cannabis variety Banshee autoflower is mostly an indica with a great taste and balanced effect of smoke.

Calm the body and mind down to the level of deep meditation

Fast flowering time of 50-55 days

Growing a Banshee cannabis seeds is relatively easy


Cannabis seeds


Feminized CBD variety Cleopatra by Nuka Seeds is queen of medicinal strains of cannabis. This is a great original skunk with a dominant indica in the CBD variant. The ratio of cannabinoids THC and CBD is 1:2

Best used for pain, loss of appetite and neurological problems.

Flowering time is about 60 days

Best choice for a beginner or less experienced grower looking for the perfect CBD strain


THC 7%
CBD 14%
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Cannabis seeds


The Megaton cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a brutal yield.

Can grow to a height of 4 meters. Dominant sativa, strong relief from pain, stress and muscle spasms. Suitable candidate for the extraction of Phoenix Tears.

Fast flowering time of 56-65 days

Growing a Megaton cannabis seeds is moderately easy


Cannabis seeds


Tokamak is a super autoflowering model that fills you with otherworldly energy that shoots you to the sun, a pure fusion of the highest quality high effect.

The effect relaxes and elevates you perfectly, making it an excellent smoking in recreational and creative activities.

Flowering time is about 56-60 days

Growing Tokamak cannabis seeds is easy and ideal for a begginer growers.


Cannabis seeds


Paradoxicaly high-speed growing Sativa. Almost perfect cannabis strain with extremely strong high, outrageous speed, compact and heavy buds.

Euphoric effects suitable for society or partying. It grows to a maximum size of two meters.

Fast flowering time of 56-65 days

Growing a Paradox cannabis seeds is easy to medium easy.


Cannabis seeds


Polaris seeds have excellent yields, hardiness and is ideal for a mother plant

The fruity aroma and flavor are ideal for appetite enhancement and pain relief

Flowering grow time of 56-58 days.

Growing Polaris cannabis seeds is extremely easy