What are the ideal conditions for cannabis plants?

What are the ideal conditions for cannabis plants? How to take care of seeds and what light is better for cannabis cultivation? Answer is right here.

Cannabis plants need specific care, which can seem very complicated. However, if you know what to do, it is not difficult at all.

When working with seedlings, it is a good idea to know the conditions in which they thrive best. So, let’s take a closer look at the ideal temperature, airflow and the equipment needed to do it all.

Next, we’ll look at whether working with seedlings is better under artificial light or sunlight and what you can do to ensure this.

Ideal conditions for cannabis plants

conditions for cannabis plantMany growers agree that the best temperature for our little plants should be around 23° Celsius. The humidity level should be 40% and there should be sufficient airflow.

Once our seeds have germinated nicely into nice seedlings, it is advisable to place them in a propagator. If you don’t know what this thing is, we’ll shed some light on it. Basically, it’s a plastic tray that has a transparent lid. The lid keeps the humidity levels down and the plants get enough light. Although there are vents in the lid for airflow, we still don’t recommend leaving the seedlings in the propagator for too long.

The exception is the larger propagators, which have built-in ventilation and are slightly larger. Here the plants can stay a little longer.

The lid of the propagator is then removed if the cannabis plants have a second/third tier of foliage or if they are larger than 7cm. If you are growing indoors, we recommend installing a smaller fan so that the plants have an ideal air supply (unless the fan is part of the propagator). When outdoors, an open environment will take care of the airflow.

You can make a propagator at home with a simple plastic bowl and a transparent cover (bowl lid or food film). However, in the future there could be a problem due to high humidity and poor airflow. In this respect, purchased promoters are better, as most of them have some kind of ventilation system or a fan built right in.

Cannabis plants and light

We’ve already covered the ideal temperature and ambient conditions, but what about light? Should we start the seedlings first under artificial light or should we rather start them under the sun?

A lot depends on which form of cultivation you choose and what your options actually are. If you opt for the indoor form, the answer is clear. For outdoor, you can then decide according to the weather (you can leave the plants under artificial light or under the sun).

Indoor cultivation of cannabis seedlings

indoor cultivationWhen growing indoors, you must choose the ideal light to avoid burning the seedlings. When using HID lighting, the cannabis plants should be at least 50cm away from the light source. HID lights are quite powerful. When using fluorescent lights with more than 100W, the distance from the seedling must be at least 15cm. Lamps that are 18-36W can be a few centimetres away from the seedling.

When indoors, always ensure that the seedlings have a good supply of fresh air. For this, a small fan that you can buy from a home improvement store will do the trick. If you have a taste for more technical ventilation systems, you will find everything you need on the internet.

Outdoor growing of cannabis plants

In this situation, it always depends on the weather. Once the temperature is stable, you can put the seedlings outside at the first sign of foliage. In the open air, they will have plenty of light throughout the day and will thrive.

However, if you want to give your cannabis plants a bit of a boost, you can leave them under artificial light for a while and when they are a bit bigger and stronger, put them outside.

You can also combine the two methods. For example, you can leave the seedlings outside for 3 hours and then put them back under artificial light. They can then stay outside for an hour longer each day and within 14 days you can leave them outside permanently.

Once some time has passed, your seedlings will become beautiful plants bursting with life. They may take a little more care, but the fruits of your labour are worth it. Now all that’s left to do is buy your own cannabis seeds and put your knowledge into practice.

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