Cannabis and weight loss ? – New cannabis extract shows potential weight loss properties

Cannabis extract could be the new key to weight loss and body mass index control.

Cannabis and weight loss ?

The new cannabis extract made by ECS Brands promoted weight loss in all its study participants, according to the latest research.

 CEO Arthur Jaffee

In a study supported by the National Institute of Health, ECS Brands tested a product called Nitro-V™ Whole-Plant Hemp-Organic Varin Oil, or ‘Nitro-V™’ for short, on humans in a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled setting.

Countless people in the US are considered overweight or obese and there are many of those who are looking for healthy ways to lose weight. According to ECS Brands founder and CEO Arthur Jaffee, Nitro-V™ could be the next big thing in weight loss technology.

"A lot of people are struggling with carrying more weight than they would like," Jaffee said. "They're trying to make healthy changes, but they may not be seeing the results they'd like. Nitro-V™ is a big leap forward in an area where products designed to control appetite are often not backed by science or considered safe. It is a fast and effective dietary supplement that can help manage cravings and jumpstart weight loss."

Cannabis as a solution for weight loss

Nitro-V™ is described as a “rare” cannabis extract that, according to the press release, allowed participants in the aforementioned study to reduce their BMI by three points. The product (or placebo, depending on the group) was administered once or twice a day. Results showed that some people lost up to 22 kilograms in 90 days without changing their diet or exercise, according to the company’s press release. Overall, there was some weight loss in “100 out of 100 study participants.

Cannabis and weight loss

ECS Brands found that 61% of study participants experienced a reduction in hunger, 40% had fewer cravings and 52% had reduced anxiety. In contrast, only 64% of participants in the placebo group reported weight loss, staying at the same weight and no change in BMI.

Nitro-V™ uses full-spectrum hemp oil with natural THCV. According to a press release, the company claims it is “the only proven safe source of high THCV derived from industrial hemp; all other sources are derived from federally banned marijuana or are synthetically modified without evidence of safety.”

Cannabis and weight loss, because weight loss is a common wish of people today. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 42.5% of adults over the age of 20 are considered obese and 73.6% of adults are overweight or obese.

However, Jaffee believes that a product such as Nitro-V™ may be the missing link that people are looking for to help them successfully lose weight. “People who are trying to reduce their weight and improve their overall health are looking for any benefit to help them stick to an exercise and diet regime.

” he said. “Based on the results of this research, we believe Nitro-V™ can be a tool to help many people unlock their potential to lose weight and feel better.”

product Nitro-V™

This is not the first time THCV has been used to help with weight loss and other ailments. Previous studies by various companies have shown that THCV is very effective in reducing appetite due to its high potency.

THCV is also known for its effects for people with diabetes. According to Diabetes.co.uk, THCV helps lower blood glucose levels and increase insulin production in people with type 2 diabetes. THCV can also help with stress and anxiety, help people with Parkinson’s disease, and can be used to treat seizures.

The American Journal of Botany found that after analysing 157 cannabis varieties, high THCV levels were most common in varieties from South Africa or Afghanistan.

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