19/07/2021 News

Hurraay and welcome ProdejnaSemen.cz

We have another partner here. Welcome, prodejnasemen.cz
Prodejna semen a new partner of Nuka Seeds
19/07/2021 News

We welcome a new seedshop Ganjaseeds.cz

We have good news, another partner is on board, welcome Ganjaseeds.cz.
19/07/2021 News

Welcome Growmart.cz

We welcome Growmart.cz to our family of partners.
31/05/2021 Guides

Why to choose an autoflowering cannabis strain?

autoflowering marihuana strain
Why should you choose a autoflowering cannabis strain? We have some information to help you decide what cannabis seeds to choose.
31/05/2021 News

Tokamak cannabis seeds by Nuka Seeds

autoflowering cannabis strain
Have you ever heard about Tokamak cannabis seeds? Well, you’d better fix that quick. This new addition to the autoflowering cannabis strain line is a blast.
31/05/2021 Guides

Tips for growing autoflowering cannabis plants

autoflowering cannabis strain
How to grow autoflowering cannabis plants?
31/05/2021 Guides

Training methods for autoflowering cannabis seeds

low stress techniques for autoflowering cannabis seeds
Growing autoflowering cannabis seeds is one thing, but then what? We’ll show you how to reliably train your automatic cannabis plants for a great harvest.
31/05/2021 Guides

What to know about autoflowering cannabis seeds?

germinating autoflowering cannabis seeds
Are you new to autoflowering cannabis seeds? Here is some characteristics and advatages of those cannabis strains.
31/05/2021 Banshee

Banshee cannabis seeds by Nuka Seeds

growing report - Banshee cannabis strain
Banshee cannabis seeds are a perfect autoflowering variety that will delight any grower. Want to know more? Check it out.
28/05/2021 Guides

How and when to move the cannabis plant?

How to transplant cannabis plant
How to transplant a cannabis plant correctly? It can be harder than it looks. But with our guide, you can do it like an experienced cannabis grower.
28/05/2021 Guides

What is the ideal height of your cannabis plant?

Ideal size of autoflowering cannabis plants
Your seeds can grow into a huge cannabis plant. What is the ideal height ?
28/05/2021 Guides

How often to water cannabis plants?

Watering cannabis plants
Water is very important for your cannabis plants. At what intervals can you water your plants to benefit them.
28/05/2021 Guides

What can stress cannabis plant?

Cannabis stressed by light
There are many situations that can put your cannabis plant under stress. So what are the causes and how can you protect your cannabis seeds and seedlings?
28/05/2021 Guides

Cannabis plant and how do we know when it is ready for harvest?

when is cannabis plant ready for harvest
Are you about to harvest your cannabis plant? Congratulations, well done. But do you know how to do it and how do you know if your plant is ready?
28/05/2021 Guides

Outdoor cannabis cultivation

Nice autoflower cannabis leafs
Everybody loves outdoor cannabis cultivation. It’s like blending in with nature. If you follow the instructions, you’ll grow every cannabis strain. Go for it.
28/05/2021 Guides

Should we cut autoflowering cannabis plants or not?

trimming cannabis leaves
Can we trim autoflowering cannabis plants or not? Many growers wonder about this.
28/05/2021 News

Germination – Paradox cannabis seeds

paradox nukaseeds background
You have just bought Paradox cannabis seeds. Good choice. But do you know how to germinate them properly to make strong and healthy plants? Here’s some advice.
28/05/2021 News

Why to choose Paradox cannabis seeds?

Paradox cannabis seeds are among the top feminized cannabis strains. Want to know why?
28/05/2021 Guides

What training methods we can use for Paradox cannabis seeds?

When is the cannabis plant ready for harvest?
We have many methods to successfully train cannabis plants. Which of these will be suitable for Paradox cannabis seeds? It takes something special for this feminized strain.
28/05/2021 Guides

Paradox cannabis seeds – new feminized strain by Nukaseeds

There is a new player among feminized cannabis strains. The Paradox cannabis seeds will amaze you with their power to kick you in an unseen way.
28/05/2021 Guides

Growing guide – Megaton cannabis seeds

feminized cannabis strain
There are many feminised strains, but Megaton cannabis seeds are a must-have. This growing guide will point you in the right direction.