23/05/2022 Guides

The taste of cannabis – what are the different tastes of cannabis?

cannabis leave and colourful background
The taste of cannabis is very diverse. Do you know the most famous flavours you can taste when smoking cannabis? Let us tell you about them.
20/05/2022 Guides

Hempcrete and its use in construction not only in residential houses.

Atypical construction with hempcrete
Hempcrete is the building material of the future. It can save heating costs and is environmentally friendly.
18/05/2022 Health

Endocannabinoid system- ECS

human brain made from cannabis buds
Let’s talk a little bit about the endocannabinoid system in human body and how THC and CBD affect it.
16/05/2022 Community

The Nukaseeds team attended the Cannabis Kanaba Fest in Gdansk last weekend and there was a lot to see.

Nukaseeds took part in another super event Kanaba fest 2022 in Gdansk. It was a wonderful event in a great environment.
06/05/2022 News

We are pleased to introduce our new partner Cannabisproduct

What did we do when the gates of the Konopex festival closed? We wandered around the city of Ostrava and visited our new partners in their store, where you can now buy Nuka seeds.
03/05/2022 News

Great news Nukaseeds has a new partner in Slovakia. Welcome Life-Tree.eu.

Eshop life-tree.eu has recently launched the sale of cannabis seeds and seedbank Nukaseeds is proud to be among the first in this new category.
02/05/2022 Guides

How to recognise a good marijuana ?

view of cleopatra cannabis bud
At first glance, it may not be easy to distinguish really good quality “grass” from poor quality grass. In any case, the key characteristics that separate good marijuana from bad are the smell, appearance and texture of the buds. It doesn’t matter if they are CBD varieties or not. In this article, we’re going to look at how to recognize good weed without tasting it.
28/04/2022 Community

Nukaseeds at the Konopex 2022 cannabis festival in Ostrava

Nukaseeds report from the Konopex 2022 cannabis festival in the Czech Republic. We are very glad we were there.
22/04/2022 Community

Nukaseeds is participating in the Konopex cannabis fair in Ostrava – it’s going to be a blast!

Nukaseeds at Konopex 2022
Nukaseeds will kick things off today at the Konopex cannabis fair in Ostrava. Come and see it, it will be a blast.
12/04/2022 Community

Great news! Nukaseeds is in Magazine Legalizace

Great news! Nukaseeds is in the legalizace magazine. In the first issue for 2022 you can read about us. Let’s get to it.
07/04/2022 News

Euforiaheadshop.sk is the first Nuka partner from Slovakia

euforia partner of nukaseeds
Euforia is a young and dynamic team that also strives to promote cannabis lifestyle.
04/04/2022 News

Guruseed.cz joins the Nuka family

new seedsshop guruseed.cz
Traditional and original cannabis seed collector’s shop
01/04/2022 Health

Cannabis can improve our mindfulness

mindfulness and meditation
What is mindfulness and how to increase it with marijuana.
31/03/2022 Community

Nukaseeds is heading to Kanaba Fest 2022 in Poland

logo kanbafest
The 3000 m2 plenum hosts audiovisual events, business meetings, conferences, workshops, fairs. It’s located in the heart of Gdansk shipyard, inside a building where the atmosphere of urban industrial hall permeates and merges with modern designer space.
30/03/2022 Guides

Natural insecticides and their uses

spray and marijuana plants
7 natural insecticides for your marijuana plants
29/03/2022 Guides

Cannabis beneficial acids and how they work

acids benefit your cannabis plants
Fertilisers are not always a guarantee of a good harvest. Acids are also good for plants and today you will learn more about them.
28/03/2022 News

We are proud to introduce a new partner, welcome Kolabu.eu

Kolabu frontpage
Kolabu is a well-known seedshop in the cannabis market. Our marijuana seeds are now reaching other weed growers.
24/03/2022 Guides

Types and varieties of cannabis

how to distinguish types of marijuana
Cannabis is divided into three types: cannabis indica, cannabis sativa and ruderalis. What are the differences between them?
23/03/2022 Health

Marijuana against chronic diseases

symptoms of fibromyalgia
Chronic diseases and cannabis
22/03/2022 Guides

Bioponies – aquaponics without fish

hydrosystem bioponies
Bioponics is an organic hydro system that will surprise many cannabis growers. You can read more about it in this article.
21/03/2022 Guides

Cannabis and the aeroponic growing method

cannabis plant roots in aeroponics system
Hydroponic cannabis growing systems are very well known and in today’s article we will introduce the aeroponics growing system in more detail.