08/03/2022 Guides

Live Resin – live hemp resin extract

Live Resin - live hemp resin extract - Nuka Seeds Seedbank
Cannabis extracts are starting to be very popular and recently a new product called life resin has been released and you can read more about it.
07/03/2022 Guides

How to germinate marijuana seeds

How to germinate marijuana seeds
How to germinate cannabis seeds in soil, on a napkin and in water.
04/03/2022 Guides

Cannabis plants and mould – what types of mould do marijuana growers have to deal with?

cannabis plants and mould - guide for marijuana growers
Mildew on your buds is one of the biggest problems when growing and harvesting cannabis. Until the marijuana isn´t dried and ready, you need to keep an eye out for mold or you could lose everything in a short time. If there is an infestation, you need to act quickly, so you need to be able to identify the mould immediately.
03/03/2022 Legislation

Zurich to start testing recreational marijuana use this year

is the city of Zurich planning a cannabis coup ?
Switzerland’s largest city will allow adults to use marijuana on a test basis from the end of 2022. The outcome of the experiment will affect the whole of Europe.
02/03/2022 Community

Powered by cannabis!

 Powered by cannabis! - Nuka Seeds Seedbank
Hemp engineers have pulled another ace out of their sleeve in the form of hemp capacitors and you can read more in this article.
28/02/2022 Guides

Cannabis drying for beginners

light cannabis drying instructions for beginners.
video instructions with step-by-step explanation of cannabis drying
28/02/2022 Legislation

Legalization of cannabis – should Germany legalize marijuana?

Legalization of cannabis - Germany and marijuana policy
The legalization of cannabis is a well-known topic today. How does Germany view the issue and what do politicians have to say about it?
25/02/2022 Guides

How to plant cannabis plants

How to plant cannabis plants correctly
What you should know about planting cannabis plants
24/02/2022 Seedshop

Another eshop Konopneseminka.cz was added to the partners zone

Konopneseminka.cz became a new partners
Great big shop with cannabis seeds
23/02/2022 Health

Epilepsy in Children, can THC contribute to treatment ?

Epilepsy in Children, can THC contribute to treatment ?
CBD helps in the treatment of epilepsy and many other diseases. Recent studies have shown that THC can also be effective when combined with other cannabinoids.
23/02/2022 Guides

Cannabis tincture – preparation instructions

The best make cannabis tincture recipe of all time!
The production of cannabis tinctures are simple and can be done even in home conditions.
23/02/2022 Guides

Symptoms and types of mould

Symptoms and types of mould and how to get rid of them.
The 4 most common types of fungi that threaten your marijuana plants
21/02/2022 Health

Cannabis against autism

Can thc or cbd in cannabis help fight autism?
Study the effects of cannabis against autism
17/02/2022 Health

Marijuana and sleep: 9 things you should know

Marijuana and sleep: 9 things you should know
Marijuana and sleep? Sleep is very important for your health and in this article you will find out how cannabis and its use can affect it.
16/02/2022 Guides

When to germinate marijuana seeds for outdoor cultivation

When to start germinating marijuana seeds for the outdoors
How to know when is the ideal time to start sprouting hemp seeds?
15/02/2022 Health

Smoking marijuana does not increase the risk of lung cancer

Smoking marijuana does not increase the risk of lung cancer
The findings of recent studies clearly show that inhaling marijuana smoke is not carcinogenic and does not increase the risk of cancer.
14/02/2022 Health

Cannabis and Hepatitis C – can marijuana help treat this disease?

Cannabis and Hepatitis C - treatment for many pacients?
Cannabis and hepatitis C – can marijuana help patients with this disease? Let’s take a look at the statements of experts.
13/02/2022 Guides

How to make hemp butter

Hemp butter - easy recipe with only three ingredients.
The preparation of cannabis butter is simple. However, you should expect it to take several hours to prepare.
12/02/2022 Guides

Growing cannabis from seeds or clones?

Growing cannabis-seeds or clones ? 2 starting grow methods
You may use seeds or clones for growing cannabis. What is better for growers and marijuana users? Let’s look at some pros and cons.
11/02/2022 Guides

Hydro system aquaponia

Hydro system aquaponia
Have you heard about the aquaponics hydro system? If not, you can read more about this variant of hydrophonic method. We hope you will like it.
09/02/2022 Seedshop

Seeds-bank is the New Nukaseeds seller

seeds-bank large seed shop from the Czech Republic mariuhany seeds-bank
Traditional and original cannabis seed collector’s shop