20/06/2022 Community

The history of cannabis : How the plant spread around the world

Nukaseeds history of cannabis
In today’s article you will read more about the history of cannabis and its interesting journeys across continents and its spread.
15/06/2022 Guides

Five cannabis recipes and instructions on how to make hemp oil, soap, ointment and hemp extract

Let cook some hemp
One great way to use the surplus from your cannabis harvest this year is to make medicinal products such as oils, salves or extracts. These are all home remedies made from cannabis that have a wide range of uses and show almost no contraindications or side effects. This is all thanks to the therapeutic properties of the cannabinoids contained in the plant and its ability to act on the human body.
14/06/2022 Guides

What water should I water my marijuana plants with?

Cannabis plant after rain
Variants of water sources that can be used for germination and watering of cannabis plants.
09/06/2022 Guides

How to water cannabis correctly in 23 points

Nukaseeds drop of water on cannabis leaf
Important points for watering marijuana plants
08/06/2022 Guides

How to identify female and male cannabis plants

marijuana pistils
Is there a method to determine the sex of cannabis plants before the flowering stage?
07/06/2022 Guides

Growing cannabis seeds from start to finish A beginner’s guide

logo from seed to stone
A really simple guide to growing cannabis indoor! Includes germination, planting, fertilizing, etc. You can see everything clearly in just 15 minutes.
06/06/2022 Health

What is CBD and what is it used for?

nukaseeds cbd formula and cannabis bud
You have heard about CBD, but few people know its effects. In this article you will learn what CBD is and what it can do.
01/06/2022 Health

Cannabis treatment improves quality of life and helps with pain

Cannabis treatment under medical supervision
Cannabis treatment under medical supervision is associated with improved quality of life. In this article you will read about a large study that confirms this.
31/05/2022 Health

What is an Entourage effect?

abstract composition of leaves explain the entourage effect
The Entourage effect is a pretty interesting topic in the cannabis world. What is it and how can you feel it in practice?
30/05/2022 Guides

How to prepare homemade cannabis sugar

nukaseeds spoonful of hemp sugar
Almost everyone knows that you can make hemp butter with hemp, but what about cannabis sugar. Below you can read how to make it at home.
29/05/2022 Legislation

Where is use of cannabis legal?

Globe where is use of cannabis legal sorounded by leaves
Where is the use of cannabis legal and what conditions you have to meet to use marijuana as a cure of for recreational purposes? Summary is here.
28/05/2022 Community

The Future of Weed: HIGH COUNTRY

In HIGH COUNTRY, team Motherboard heads to Denver
27/05/2022 Health

Cannabis and Tourette syndrome – how can marijuana help people with the disease?

a man cursing and holding marijuana
What is the connection between cannabis and Tourette syndrome? Can marijuana help against this disease? How far is the research so far?
26/05/2022 Guides

How to get the most out of autoflowering cannabis

Bed of autoflowering cannabis
Autoflowering varieties have become very popular over the years and in today’s article you will learn how to get the most quality marijuana buds out of them.
25/05/2022 News

Maltaseeds.org is the first seller of Nukaseeds cannabis seeds in Malta!

home page malta seeds
At Maltaseeds you can now find cannabis seeds from the world’s biggest producers including Nukaseeds.
24/05/2022 News

Welcome to our new partner Konopex-market.cz

logo konopex market
Yay Nukaseeds has another great business partner. The company is called Konopex-market.cz and we are very happy to be working with them.
23/05/2022 Guides

The taste of cannabis – what are the different tastes of cannabis?

cannabis leave and colourful background
The taste of cannabis is very diverse. Do you know the most famous flavours you can taste when smoking cannabis? Let us tell you about them.
20/05/2022 Guides

Hempcrete and its use in construction not only in residential houses.

Atypical construction with hempcrete
Hempcrete is the building material of the future. It can save heating costs and is environmentally friendly.
18/05/2022 Health

Endocannabinoid system- ECS

human brain made from cannabis buds
Let’s talk a little bit about the endocannabinoid system in human body and how THC and CBD affect it.
16/05/2022 Community

The Nukaseeds team attended the Cannabis Kanaba Fest in Gdansk last weekend and there was a lot to see.

Nukaseeds took part in another super event Kanaba fest 2022 in Gdansk. It was a wonderful event in a great environment.
06/05/2022 News

We are pleased to introduce our new partner Cannabisproduct

What did we do when the gates of the Konopex festival closed? We wandered around the city of Ostrava and visited our new partners in their store, where you can now buy Nuka seeds.