13/10/2022 Health

Is marijuana bad for our teeth?

tooth brush and paste
Marijuana is very unique and has a huge potential in the world of medicine. But what about smoking cannabis and its effect for teeth?
07/10/2022 Automaton

Automaton outdoor grow report

Automaton dried buds
We bring you a growreport from one of our straintesters nicknamed Scarab. Check out what you can expect from the Automaton cannabis autoflower variety in average outdoor conditions
05/10/2022 Health

Marijuana and depression

Woman smoking a cannabis joint
Today we’ll look at how THC marijuana affects depression and whether it can cure it or make it worse. Below we have a summary of the scientific studies.
04/10/2022 Community

Top 7 celebrities who support medicinal cannabis!

Morgan-Freeman with cannabis in his mouth
Some celebrities have been very open about their views on medical cannabis and how it has helped them personally. Many of them have even started their own cannabis businesses.
30/09/2022 Health

Can CBD products help to treat our pets?

dog with bowl of food and cbd product
If CBD products can help people, can they help our pets as well? Let’s see what expert have to say about it.
29/09/2022 Guides

Uses and types of circulation fans for your indoor

fans in the grow tent blowing on the marijuana plants
Every experienced cannabis grower knows that a fan is an important part of any grow room, and today we’ll show you how to choose one.
27/09/2022 Guides

Simple tutorial on how to clean a cannabis grinder

contaminated cannabis grinder
Not everyone can afford to buy a new grinder if they get it dirty, and in this article you can read how to clean your cannabis grinder easily at home.
26/09/2022 Guides

UV light and cannabis plants

In this article we look at the importance of UV radiation in the cultivation of cannabis plants. What effect does this light have on plant development? and especially the production of cannabinoids and other compounds.
22/09/2022 Community

Which European cannabis festivals can you visit in 2023 ?

Lady smoking cannabis at the cannabis festival
In this article you will read about big cannabis festivals that will take place in 2023
20/09/2022 Guides

Is topping good for autoflowering cannabis strains?

cannabis plant with topping in close
Autoflowering cannabis strains becomes very popular. Have you ever considered topping them? Is it good or bad idea?
19/09/2022 Guides

How to choose the best fertiliser for your cannabis plants

Basic nutrient for cannabis
Are you getting lost in the huge selection of fertilizers for cannabis on the market ? We will try to make it clear for you.
15/09/2022 Guides

Fast recipe for homemade cannabis mayonnaise

recipe mayonnaise nukaseeds
In this Recipe we look at how to make delicious homemade hemp mayo
14/09/2022 Guides

Series on pests that threaten marijuana plants-Agromyzidae

corridors on marijuana leaves
In this article you will learn about another pest that causes damage to cannabis plants.
12/09/2022 Community

What is the meaning of “420” in cannabis culture

What si the meaning 420 in cannabis culture
If you still don’t know exactly what the number 420 is in cannabis culture, you can read more about this legend in this article.
09/09/2022 Guides

How to identify quality cannabis seeds.

you see cannabis seeds
How do you know if you have quality marijuana seeds? While the fate of these little cannabis seeds will ultimately depend on genetics, and proper care will help them reach their full potential, there are a few signs that can tell you if you have quality marijuana seeds.
09/09/2022 News

A new cannabis store and eshop from Prague Growbank.cz has been added to the partner zone.

Website of our partners
A large cannabis shop and eshop in Prague starts selling Nuka seeds. If you live in Prague, you can order Nuka seeds very discreetly, literally just a few steps from your home.
08/09/2022 Guides

What is dabbing, how to do it and what are its benefits?

dabbing rig with a concentrate
If you are a cannabis extract lover, we have some information about dabbing, which is basically the vaporization of cannabis extract called BHO, wax, shatter or budder.
07/09/2022 Guides

How to dry cannabis flowers easily and cheaply

drying cannabis buds
In this article you will read how to dry cannabis buds properly and cheaply.
06/09/2022 Guides

How to store cannabis seeds

Detailed photos of cannabis seeds
Have you got more cannabis seeds at home than you can plant? We’ve prepared a clear article on how to store them properly.
05/09/2022 Guides

How to make great cannabis gummy bears at home

Gummy bears and cannabis leaf
Almost everyone likes gummy bears, but what about when you add cannabis to them, that’s another treat. In this article you will read how to make them at home.
02/09/2022 Health

The Role of cannabis in sports today

role of cannabis in sport and coloured leaves
What may be the role of cannabis in sport today? Is it just an excuse for athletes to smoke marijuana or are there any real positive effects?