Cannabis seeds Tokamak 3

 24,00 incl. VAT

Don’t know what cannabis seeds to buy? Then try the Tokamak cannabis strain. You’ll find more than enough in this five-pack stuffed with autoflowers.


Tokamak cannabis strain –  3pcs package

Tokamak Auto cannabis seeds are a variant of the cannabis legend Jack Herer which we don’t need to introduce too much. It only takes 8-9 weeks from seed to full flower. During this short time, Tokamak will grow to a height of around one metre with abundant branching, full of massive sticks with low leaf content and a THC level of around 19%. Its effect will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted, making it perfect for smoking during recreational and creative activities. The taste is slightly spicy to herbal, reminiscent of pepper. Tokamak Seeds by Nukaseeds is a super autoflowering model that will fill you with an otherworldly energy that will shoot you up to the sun.

In a pack of three Tokamak seeds, you get a bombastic badge with the variety logo and the seeds in a bomb-shaped metal key ring.