Cannabis seeds Megaton 15

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Megaton cannabis seeds are ideal for experienced growers. This feminised cannabis variety will exceed all your expectations. With a 15-pack, it will be a huge yield.


Megaton cannabis seeds – 15pcs package

The Megaton cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a killer with a brutal yield. Feminized cannabis strain Megaton is a descendant of famous parents Haze and White Widow. This giantess has extreme yield and strength. If grown properly outdoors, it can produce resin-covered buds with a level of THC up to 21, and can grow up to a height of 4 meters and a width so enormous that you won’t hug the plant. If you take care of this monster and provide it with enough light, you’ll be harvesting a megaton of extra quality cannabis. The Megaton cannabis strain is dominant sativa, but it ripens in mid-October or 56-65 days indoor.

The taste is breathtakingly sweet with hints of citrus and pine.

Once purchased, inside each seed package you will find cool wooden labels for the pot,soil or rockwool for every seed. In the package of 15 pieces you will also get a beautiful collector‘s Nuka coin in a closed box and a sticker with the logo of this monstrous beauty. Finally, for the largest package of 15 pcs, an epic metal grinder of gold colour.