Cannabis seeds Cleopatra 3+1

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If you are interested in Cleopatra cannabis seeds, you have come to the right place. This new CBD cannabis strain will not let you down.


Cannabis seeds Cleopatra – 3pcs pack

Cleopatra hemp seeds are a CBD variant of the original Skunk variety with a 1:2 THC/CBD ratio that are easy to grow. Cleopatra cannabis plants grow to a height of 2 metres and are ready for outdoor harvest in early October. The flowering time of this medicinal beauty is 60 days. The yield of Cleopatra cannabis is 500 g per square metre Indoor and up to 600 g per plant.

Cleopatra is also very suitable for the production of cannabis extracts. CBD dry matter Cleopatra has an unforgettable sweet taste with hints of fruit. The healing touch of Cleopatra cannabis is best known when used for pain, loss of appetite and neurological problems. Its lower THC content makes it ideal for regular use as a replacement for CBD oils and other CBD products.

In a pack of three seeds, you get a great pancake with the strain logo and the seeds in a metal bomb-shaped key ring.