Nuka offers both feminized strains and automatic so-called autoflowering genetics of hemp including a special strain (model/variety) with a high content of CBD..

Collector cannabis seeds of all strains are characterised by above-average germination, easy cultivation and a rich crop full of cannabis resin.

High-quality yield with high potency awaits for even average growers. And still, their seeds are not expensive and packaging is loaded with some rare gifts everyone will love.

Cannabis seeds from Nuka Seeds are first-class, fresh and of high quality. Nuka Seeds genetics will be appreciated by both start-up growers and experienced growers.

Nuka Seeds seedlings and marijuana plants are suitable for almost every system. You can use them for indoor cultivation (growing inside), in a greenhouse or outdoor cultivation (growing in the open space).
Cannabis seeds from Nukaseeds are the perfect gift for any cannabis lover/enthusiast.