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Hemp roots? easy recipes you can try today!

Hemp roots have been shown to have immense medicinal value
Hemp roots have been shown to have immense medicinal value as well as a number of unique uses
06/03/2023 Health

Cannabis juicing : recipes and instructions for a 7-day cleanse

Cannabis Juicing : recipes and instructions for 7day cleanse
Spring is slowly approaching, which means that you can start getting rid of the impurities that have accumulated in the body during the winter. If you want to give your body a spring cleanse, we recommend trying a seven-day cleansing with cannabis juicing.
05/02/2023 Guides

3 recipes for raw cannabis smoothie

3 recipes for raw cannabis smoothie
Check out these 3 recipes for cannabis cocktails that offer a completely different set of cannabinoids and the benefits of raw cannabis.
07/01/2023 Guides

Hemp brownies recipe

Hemp brownies How to make Hemp brownies
If you’ve been searching for the perfect hemp brownies recipe, this is it
07/01/2023 Guides

Cannabis Honey recipe

Cannabis Honey Recipe » Nuka Seeds Seedbank
Like CBD oil, hemp honey is a simple herbal remedy that you can make yourself at home. The process starts by first activating the plant’s beneficial substances with heat and then pouring honey over the activated plant substances. After that, you can use it like any other plant honey. It tastes deliciously of caramel, pine and citrus and goes well on a spoon in tea or on toasted sourdough bread.
15/09/2022 Guides

Fast recipe for homemade cannabis mayonnaise

Delicious cannabis mayonnaise from Nukaseeds
In this Recipe we look at how to make delicious homemade hemp mayo
15/06/2022 Guides

Five cannabis recipes and instructions on how to make hemp oil, soap, ointment and hemp extract

Five cannabis recipes and instructions on how to make hemp oil, soap, ointment and hemp extract
One great way to use the surplus from your cannabis harvest this year is to make medicinal products such as oils, salves or extracts. These are all home remedies made from cannabis that have a wide range of uses and show almost no contraindications or side effects. This is all thanks to the therapeutic properties of the cannabinoids contained in the plant and its ability to act on the human body.
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Recipe for milk from cannabis seeds

Cannabis milk recipe - every marijuana user will enjoy it
Have you ever tried proper milk from cannabis seeds? It has great nutritional value for your body and its taste is delicious. Let’s try cannabis nutri milk.
24/11/2021 Guides

Recipe for Coconut cannabis oil

Coconut cannabis oil - the thing every grower should have
Have you ever tried coconut cannabis oil? If not, we have an excellent guide on how to prepare it at home. You won’t be disappointed.
03/05/2023 Guides

Preparing the perfect hemp coffee

Preparing the perfect hemp coffee from Nukaseeds
In recent years, the popularity of hemp coffee has skyrocketed, and for good reason. This unique and delicious beverage combines the invigorating effects of coffee with the soothing, calming properties of hemp
02/05/2023 Health

Hemp toothpaste is a natural and effective way to keep your teeth and gums healthy

Hemp oil has been found to have antimicrobial properties, which can help to reduce plaque and prevent tooth decay
11/04/2023 Guides

Cannabis cake – delicious goodness

Recipe for cannabis Cake - delicious goodness!
Hemp cake is a great option for those looking to incorporate more plant-based ingredients into their diet.
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How to prepare Bhang Lassi, cannabis milk shake from India?

Bhang Lassi - recipe for cannabis milk shake from India
Bhang Lassi is very popular cannabis milk shake from India. Would you like to try it by yourself? It is quite easy to make it.
21/03/2023 Guides

Male cannabis plants – what to do with them?

Male cannabis plants - how to identify and weed out male marijuana plants ?
The first thing you’ve probably learned as a cannabis grower is how to identify and discard male cannabis plants to prevent them from ‘accidentally’ pollinating your precious female.
07/03/2023 Health

Cannabis break – 7 signs its time to take a break

Cannabis break - signs you need a break from smoking
Do you think that cannabis break is a nonsense? We have a few signs that say otherwise. Have a look and you might find this pause really good.
04/03/2023 Guides

Cannabis plant – 3 ways how to use cannabis stems

Marijuana plant - 3 ways how to use cannabis stems
Are you tired of having to many cannabis stems left? Do not worry, because we have few tips how to use these parts of cannabis plants.
03/03/2023 Guides

How to decarboxylation cannabis ?

How to decarboxylation cannabis ? why decarboxylate  ?
Decarboxylation is a process that actives the psychoactive compounds in the cannabis plant so that you feel high when you consume it.
02/03/2023 Guides

3 advantages of preparing cannabis edibles using the Sous-Vide method

3 advantages of preparing cannabis edibles Sous-Vide method
Did you know that the sous-vide method of preparing cannabis edibles is the ideal way to save you time, energy and nerves?
02/03/2023 Guides

Dosage of homemade cannabis edibles : potency calculation

Dosage of homemade cannabis edibles : potency calculation
What is the most accurate way to dose homemade cannabis edibles? And how long after taking edibles can I expect effects ?
28/02/2023 Health

Does Chewing cannabis Stems Get You High?

Chewing cannabis Stems  - find out more in this article.
If you’ve ever run out of cannabis, you may have considered smoking or even chewing the remains of the cannabis plant
23/02/2023 Guides

How to make Kief tea: two ways to make a strong drink

How to make Kief tea - two ways to make a strong drink
Have you ever wondered what to do with the powder that accumulates at the bottom of the grinder