6 best tips for growing cannabis outdoors in summer!

Summer is just around the corner and is one of the best times of the year for any grower cannabis. In this article you will find the 6 best tips to help you create the best outdoor cannabis garden and what to look out for.

6 best tips!

Tip 1: Watering time.

watering cannabis

The greater the drought and temperature, the more water the marijuana plant loses through the leaves. The amount of water in the pots surrounding the root zone and the amount of water available as water vapour in the air determines how well they can take up nutrients and their overall health.

The main tip is to avoid watering cannabis plants in the hottest parts of the day. Evening watering can attract pests such as slugs or butterflies. The best time to water is therefore in the morning, before the sun has fully risen. You can find out more about watering by clicking here.

Tip 2: Why south orientation?

the sun shines on the cannbis

If you place your cannabis plants in a south-facing location, you will ensure that they get as much direct sunlight as possible every day. The same applies if you place marijuana seedlings or clones outside a south-facing window.


Tip 3: damages caused by slugs – insects.


It is possible that your young cannabis plants have been attacked by slugs, which damage the cannabis plants and transmit diseases. Such damage can slow down the plants so much that it is preferable to plant a new plant..

A tip is to protect cannabis seedlings or marijuana clones by starting them indoors. You can also use pint-sized plastic pots for the first 7-10 days, slugs and snails are repelled by copper, so invest in copper wire and create a grid around the pots. You can also read the full article on how to exterminate cannabis pests.

Tip 4: Good or bad neighbours?!

your neighbors and cannabis

Not everyone has good neighbors. In the case of large cannabis plants, keeping neighbours happy can be a problem.

A tip is to ensure that your marijuana plants are not visible, which can be achieved by careful place selection, a greenhouse or separating neighbours with screening fabric.


Tip 5: Use of nutrients.

Nutrient use

The hot summer months affect nutrient intake. This is more so for indica, which are not used to such an environment. Signals of nutritional imbalance are visible on the leaves and stems of plants.

Our best tip is to try working with a combination of organic liquid nutrients and introduce endo-mycorrhiza. The beneficial fungi will attach to the roots of the plants and help improve their nutrient uptake and management of available nutrients, whether solid or liquid based.

Tip 6: Planting and harvest planning.

cannabis flower in frost

Planting too early or harvesting too late can spell disaster. You need to know the history of previous spring frosts in your area so you don’t ruin your plants by planting too early. It’s also a good idea to know the date of the first autumn frost so you can harvest or move plants indoors before 1st frosts damage them.

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